Let’s celebrate Self-Improvement Month with our super September edition!

I can’t believe it – it’s the first month, the first day of our official launch of Do Five Things A Day Magazine! This month we have some amazing things happening and I am so excited to share it all with you!

August was a whirlwind as I worked my tail off making the transition from workaholic corporate gal to slowing down my life, chasing my passions and starting my path to climbing towards my dreams. It’s not as easy as a process as you’d think – and I’ve had this chat with a few of my friends and colleagues and they agree, it’s a tougher process than imagined. Why? Well because we’re changing habits. I’ve been in the go-go-go mindset for so many years that it has become natural to me in a way. It takes a conscious effort to make myself slow down, to take time to rest and to make sure I stay aligned with my goals.

My goals:

Love my life more.

Slow down.

Live with more mindfulness and intention.

To help myself in this process, I’ve started consistently asking myself these questions before every task:

  1. Does this task help me work towards my goals?
  2. Does this task bring me joy and fulfillment?
  3. Am I doing busywork instead of working with purpose?
  4. How am I feeling right now in this moment?
  5. Do I need to take time to rest before I start this task?

Being a self improvement junkie, I am so super excited about this issue!

Five Things You Must Check Out this Month:

All the amazing content we’ll have this month from our fabulous writers and contributors! We’ll have content about what habits to start, building self confidence, what to read to boost your personal developmental journey, and so much more! We’ll also start dabbling in some fun Fall content.

The awesome perks and freebies you get by becoming an official Do Five Things A Day subscriber through Patreon.

Our wonderful, inspiring designs at FiveInspired – and pick up your tee or tank for our #selflovemovement.

Do Five Things A Day Vlog went live last week – join me on Thursdays for my weekly chats!

With it being Self-Improvement month, it’s an awesome time to start working on building those healthy habits and routines – sign up and grab your free healthy habits tracker here.

3 thoughts on “Let’s celebrate Self-Improvement Month with our super September edition!

  1. Congratulations! Sounds like you have a lot of exciting things going on with your blog! I’m happy for and excited for you! I’m a workaholic myself! I don’t know the meaning of slowing down! Lol. My family members are always reminding me that you get more done when you feel rejuvenated. Work and rest are two sides of the same coin! Rest is just as important as work! Thank you for the reminder! Awesome post!

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