Simple Self Improvement Tips For A Stay At Home Mom

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When I was made redundant while I was pregnant I felt like my personal growth stagnated. I was previously in a managerial job where I worked on my self-improvement all the time. The business I worked for closed without notice. And unfortunately for me, no one wanted to employ a visibly pregnant woman. My days became filled with watching Netflix and preparing for my daughter’s arrival. And when she came, I was able to dedicate my time to her and the other associated mom duties – the bottle feeding, nappy changes, the never-ending washing pile. I then went through a period of having postnatal depression and had lost my sense of self.

It is common for stay at home moms to lose their sense of self when their world revolves around their baby, and gone are the days of opportunities to advance. But personal growth does not have to stop when you are a stay at home mom.

Here are some simple self-improvement tips to commit to your personal growth:

Define Your Goals

Self-improvement can apply to all parts of your life and can include your physical health, mental health, personal goals and financial goals. It can be disheartening losing your sense of self and but now is ideal to take the time to re-assess what you want out of life.

Whether you want to return to work in your previous industry, embark on a different career path or stay at home and raise your children. If you do decide on a different career path you may receive some criticism or judgement, as unfortunately, people like to give their unsolicited opinion. Regardless, it is perfectly acceptable to shift your goals if it aids in your happiness.

Study A Course

Deciding to study a course can equip you with the knowledge you may need to excel in your chosen field. There are so many options to study, both free and paid routes. And you don’t even have to leave your house! There are so many courses available online on a variety of subjects. Or if you’d prefer to attend a physical place of education it’s also possible to study part-time so you can balance your responsibilities.

Start A Business

With more free time on your hands, it is the perfect time to start a business! It’s a bit of a cliche I mentioned free time because when do stay at home moms ever get that? But if you have an hour or two in the evening there are so many business skills you can learn. I’ve been involved in my partner’s business, and also have a side hustle with him, and SO many hours go into research and development, marketing, designing and operations but I love it! It can be stressful but gives me a sense of fulfillment I need!

Start A Hobby

Having a hobby can allow you to rebuild your focus and feel productive. It also helps you further your knowledge and develops your skills. Hobbies can come in many forms, some of which include: reading, baking, photography, exercising and crafting. I started blogging as a hobby one year ago and I enjoy it so much! It gives me a sense of fulfillment and keeps my brain active! There are so many elements to learn about blogging, and it has also opened me up to new experiences that I wasn’t exposed to before. Blogging has allowed me to network with a variety of people, increased my confidence and taught me more about myself.

Read A Book

Reading can be such a relaxing hobby and has so many benefits. I didn’t realize how important reading was until I stopped! I’ve noticed over the past 18 months that I am unable to verbally articulate myself as well as I previously did and I’m quite embarrassed by that. My goal for the last quarter of the year is to find the time to read more books as reading can help improve your writing, increase your attention span (mine is so short from scrolling on Instagram!), challenge you and boost your creativity. Reading can be an ideal practice of self-improvement for a stay at home mom as it can provide a temporary escape from reality whilst being beneficial.

Stay at home moms often put their needs last and self-improvement can be the last thing on their list of priorities. The importance of investing in yourself has become more evident to me over the past year and I would urge all stay at home moms’ to take steps towards self-improvement.

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