Why self-improvement is so important for me

Author: Sarah Miles, Beauty and Lifestyle Blogger at www.beautyaddict32.co.uk

There is nothing wrong at all with wanting to improve yourself. There is nothing wrong in wanting to challenge yourself in life. There is nothing wrong with wanting to get better at certain things. Being a better and improved version of me has been a goal of mine for quite a while now, and not because I hate the person I am (although I can’t actually say I love the person I am – but I am learning!)

Life has thrown me quite a few curve-balls in the last year, which have changed me quite dramatically as a person and changed the way I look at the world I guess – I know that sounds quite dramatic, but experiencing the end of a long-term relationship, selling my beloved home and my dad passing away all in the space of a few months really does change the way you look at everything.

I was bought up to be a strong and independent woman, and even though I went through periods of feeling like the world was ending and that I was ending, and just did not know a way to carry on each day – I did exactly that. I found an inner strength in me that I never knew existed, and slowly each day became just a little bit easier, and there started my journey of self-improvement.

I did not want to be that same person who had experienced all those bad things, and I knew from going through all of that, I certainly wasn’t the same person as I had been before all the tough times. I felt lost and lonely, weak and pathetic, grieving and alone – but the one thing that got me through and made me stronger was that I wanted to make my Dad proud of me.

I am learning that being single is ok, I am finding new things that I enjoy and focusing my time and energy on those things. I am learning that thinking about me is not selfish or self-centered and actually really important. I am challenging myself by doing things that put me completely out of my comfort zone – I have attended events on my own, I have taken myself on a night out on my own – these are things I would never have done before because I would have been too scared of what people thought of me, but now I have learnt to not worry about what people think of me, and that has led me to enjoy so many morn things in life.

For the first time in a really long time, I am enjoying being single and having the freedom to do exactly what I want, when I want, and with who I want. For the first time, I feel happy and content in my life, and with who I am, but knowing that there is still a lot of things I want to work on for myself and to make a better life for myself gets me excited for my future.

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  1. YES to the being single being ok. I’m 31 and have been single since about 2015. I will NOT settle for less than I deserve just to tick a box at an age society forces a preconception on to me.

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