Setting Boundaries That Keep Your Life Focused

A lot of the time, having a noisy life seems so normal that most people don’t consider it could be any other way. It usually isn’t until someone suffers a consequence or breakdown that they know they need a change. They need things to get quieter, so they can think and have some peace.

Upon reflection, they can see how noisy things have gotten and address some of the culprits:

  • Overwhelm
  • Chaos
  • Over-commitment
  • Lack of focus

Stopping the madness and getting things back on track takes time and effort. There might be some tough choices to be made and radical changes to be had. All worth it and all very important. Once the noise has subsided and peace is restored, it’s time to take action to keep the noise level low and hold onto that peace.

Setting boundaries keeps your focus and helps keep your life as noise proof as possible.

There are some very simple actions you can take to set boundaries that help keep your focus:

Action 1 – Retrace your steps and see where things got off track.

The best way to set a healthy boundary is to review where things went wrong in the first place. Armchair quarterbacking is a great way to evaluate how you wound up in a noisy spot. Looking back, it is easier to see where things went wrong and what you’d do differently under better circumstances.

Action 2 – Set up a boundary that helps prevent the noise or takes action when things get noisier.

Now that you can see where things went wrong, what would be a better solution to keep the noise level down? Create a plan to prevent or stop situations that lead to chaos or a noise level beyond control.

Action 3 – Have a plan to restore peace when you lose it.

Even the best laid plans sometimes fall short. Having a boundary or a plan is an important first step but having a plan of correction is just as important. If you find that you lose your peace, that’s okay. It’s simply a matter of doing what it takes to restore the peace. Take a walk, a time out, or call a halt to whatever is going on while you regroup and come up with a new plan.

Action 4 – Review your boundaries and make changes as needed.

Setting up and keeping boundaries is a fluid thing. What worked for a while might not always work. Review your boundaries. Learn new ways to set them or modify them and make tweaks and changes as needed.

Keeping your peace is vital. Your inner peace and quiet actually connects to your health – physical and mental. Having a calm, quiet life is important and possible by setting boundaries that help you maintain your focus and keep things at an acceptable noise level.

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