Welcoming Fall Fun and More

It truly feels like September flew on by. I’m not really sure I even got the chance to notice how fast it was going by. Come the middle of the month and I found myself so busy bee that I have let some tasks and conversations hanging, so October will be the month to start working on getting back to those routines and in touch again.

My honey was working some weird 12 hour days but this month he goes back to Monday through Friday 8 hour days. Which means a more solid routine for me again (whew!) I’m a gal that needs some consistent habits and scheduling.

I also learned a little bit about cluster habits last month, not in a fun learning kind of way (ugh). But in all I was able to break them and am feeling much more back to myself again.

Even as busy as September was it was a really exciting month for us! I signed my first clients, built our website and booked our first vendor events and of course we had a great first month with Do Five Things A Day as a digital magazine – and I have lots of great more things for you this month!!!

Five Things You Must Check Out this Month:

There is a great mix of content ahead for this month.

A little life organization, some mental health and self-care articles and much more. I’m excited to welcome some of our writers from last month back!

Interested in being a writer for Do Five Things A Day? Apply here.

We’re growing FiveInspired!

We’ve been hosting our designs on Spreadshop for a bit (an awesome way to get started with launching an online boutique) but this month we’ve decided we’re ready to expand. Introducing FiveInspired.com officially! A shop for the chic, comfy and inspired.

If you’re interested in becoming an affiliate for FiveInspired, check out the details here. You’ll make commission off your referred sales and earn special product bonuses!

This one is for my bloggers, influencers, artists and small businesses.

PhoenixAnnSt is live and our sweet spot is working with the smaller guys (you know us bloggers, artists and ones just starting out). I also know how much work it can take to maintain your Instagram – skip a few steps and take advantage of our Instagram Management services – for $25 a month, we’ll schedule and push live your weekly posts – we’ll even help you create a plan for the week with images and captions!

Okay enough business stuff right? Let’s talk fun stuff!!!


I’ve started a friendship bracelet share chain! This is meant to be a fun, simple way to connect more people and spread some joy. Check out more details and find out how to get on my mailing list here.

Journey to a Life You Love Facebook Group

This group is about creating the life you dream of. This group includes posts for goal-building, self-discovery, personal development, accountability, and motivation & inspiration. Join my free group for daily motivation and ideas.

Alrighty well I better get back to catching up! As always, never hesitate to reach out with any questions or thoughts! You can message me on Facebook or send me an email at Laura@dofivethingsaday.com

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