10 Ways to Ensure You Stay Balanced in Life

Finding balance in life is a hot topic right now – and it’s not an easy feat to pick up. Life is hectic and we are drawn to try and do too much in too little time.

But balance, or as I like to reference it even more so – harmony, is very important to have.

10 Ways to Keep Balance in Your Life

1. Social Balance

Keep some social events on your calendar but make sure to space them out well. Allow yourself to have routine alone time to recharge and reflect.

2. Teamwork

Keep a mix of team projects and individual projects on your agenda. This helps you expand with new ideas.

3. Healthy Conversation

Keep small talk to a minimum. Reserve your time and energy for more in-depth and meaningful conversations.

4. Journal

Allow yourself time to drift away in your own thoughts. This is a great way to build your dreams and plans and also release stress and emotions.

5. Friends

Don’t limit yourself to one type of personality to befriend. Each type of personality has something to offer.

6. Intuition

Listen to your intuition to feel out people and situations.

7. Be Assertive

Stand up for yourself and don’t fear of asking for what you need.

8. Shine

Allow yourself to be the center of attention sometimes.

9. Profession

Stay professional in an office or business setting but let loose a little when in friends’ company.

10. Support

Lean on your support groups when you need to. It’s healthy to ask for help sometimes.

2 thoughts on “10 Ways to Ensure You Stay Balanced in Life

  1. Hi Laura it was so nice to have you join us to share your blog this week on #omhgww. Your post hits one some great points for me, being I am recently widowed and feel like I am wandering in a fog. I really need to find some groups to associate with, Thank you.
    Hope to see you again soon, have a great week!

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