What Areas You Should Declutter for the New Year Ahead

By Ilka Elise at ilkaeliseb.com

I like my home to be neat and clutter free. But over a year even my house piles up some stuff I actually don’t need in my life or things that are nearly used up. So for a fresh start in a new year, I like to use up and sort out all the thing I don’t need any more and begin the new year with a bare surface.

In these blog post, I share with you, my top tips and categories to declutter for the new year.

Beauty and skin- care

As we all know, beauty and skin-care products are most times only durable for a year or two. So we should have a good sort out and use up every once in awhile. I personally like to check my bathroom staples twice a year. The first time is at the beginning of summer and the second time is just at the end of the year. I make sure nothing broke, dirty or unloved stays with me any longer.

I also use the time to stock up my inventory. Toothpaste, body butter, shower gel etc.


My home is quite minimalistic but over a year I collect a few thing which are not meant to be in my home. For example, stacks of magazines, cloth (that either are not in season anymore or which I don’t like any longer), or bits and bobs around the house.

I also have a look in my kitchen cabinets and use up stockings, which otherwise will go bad soon or sort out goods nobody eats.


Oh yes. A huge part! At the end of every year, I go through my laptop and phone and file images, documents and everything else. I also ‘tidy up’ my social media:

Sometimes I delete a few images or Tweets

Adjust new bio texts and update my profile pictures

I clear the wall on my personal facebook account (I like it to be tidy)

And this year, for the first time, I will also declutter my WordPress. Yes! There are a few posts I really not enjoy and my media center is full of pictures I never used in blog posts. So I’ll clear it out.


And by life, I mean my calendar. I love planning. This year, for the first time ever, I tried to function without an actual agenda and just use the calendar on my phone and laptop. Let me tell you, it did not work for me. I need to write things down, like actually write them down, with a pencil, on paper.

So at the end of every year, I buy a planner and start to map out my year. Some things I know for sure (like birthdays, anniversary’s, holidays).

Ilka is a 25-year-old with an obsession for all things related to home and self-care. On her blog, she also publishes articles respective to her interests in style and design.
IEB is kind of a lifestyle magazine for the everyday girl.

22 thoughts on “What Areas You Should Declutter for the New Year Ahead

  1. These are great tips. I am ready to take our Christmas decor down so that I can start to declutter and get rid of some older stuff! I am ready to tidy up for the new year.

  2. Good tips, going through old beauty products and getting rid of expired ones is a great idea! I know I definitely have some things that I do not need anymore.

  3. I find myself also ready to declutter and prepare for a fresh start for the upcoming new year as well. These are some great tips that you’ve provided here. I know I can’t wait to go through old beauty products and clothes as well.

  4. I’ve been doing this. Especially with my sons toys. We’ve down sized quite a bit since living with my in laws so we don’t have much space but make it work. That means getting rid of unnecessary items.

    1. Thanks Marisa! I used to wait until Spring Cleaning too but I’ve found decluttering more throughout the year makes it easier to keep up with and then I’m not so overwhelmed come Spring Cleaning – I used to take a week off of work for Spring Cleaning!

    1. Hi Anna!

      Yes you should! It can be challenging going through things at first but you will feel so refreshed after! I tell myself I’m freeing up space for wonderful new things ; )

  5. Decluttering is such a must at the end of the year. It’s crucial for me this year in particular because I am moving right after the first of the year! Thanks for the tips.

    1. Hi Jazz,

      It sounds like you have your hands full for the end of the year. Decluttering should help – less to move! I hope all goes well with the move. Happy New Year!


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