Seven Essential Steps to Reach Your Goals

Author: Sarah Nderi from

We start off strong, we are excited and motivated and then we hit roadblocks, discouragement kicks in, we feel a little bit defeated…going after our goals can be a challenging process, however thou shall not give up. Perseverance is key in reaching your goals. So is preparation.

“Success therefore, should not be a destination, but instead an approach to life. You’re successful so long as you’re following YOUR own curiosity and pushing your own boundaries.” ~ Tim Ferriss

7 Strong, Essential Steps to Take to Reach Your Goals

  1. Write the goals down first – It is hard to follow up on anything that is not clear and defined. That is what writing goals does, it defines them and places them in more perspective.  It is easy to break them down into sub- goals that are more achievable if they sound big, even for you.
  2. Be disciplined -The willingness to do whatever it takes, even if this means waking up at 5 am in the morning will determine how and when you achieve your goals. For example,  If your goal is to write an ebook/book/ script; have a definite number of words to write per day and set hours to do it. It might mean scheduling an extra 20 minutes to exercise if your goal is to lose weight. Or foregoing night outs and dedicating weekends to building your blog. Whatever it takes.
  3. Set a hard timeline – Goals that lag and lag for long periods of times are eventually not achieved because they got boring, bland, and what’s the point. The end is not clear anymore. Setting a hard timeline allows you to stay true to yourself and manage your time wisely.
  4. Invest in your goals – Investing on your goals escalates your commitment. Put your money where your goals are. When we have a high level of commitment, turning back or relaxing is not an option. Success might just be round the corner. It might mean paying for the gym membership, self-hosting your blog, or buying exercise equipment’s and gym clothes.
  5. Put in the work and the hours -It is hard not to see 40,000 views per day and earning a six figure income in blogging as a goal to be achieved the next day. But as Stephen Pressfield says, “grandiose fantasies are signs of an amateur”. The professional has learned that success, like happiness, comes as a byproduct of work. Again, do whatever it takes.
  6. Collaborate -Collaborate with other people in your field and craft. Look for people who can make your project 2 times, 5 times, or 10 times bigger. Make a tribe with these people to engage with and share your work.
  7. Finally; repeat the above.

Sarah Nderi is a Blogger, Writer, Data Analyst and Fashion Enthusiast from Nairobi, Kenya. She blogs at and loves watching comedies, reading, coffee, and a blank page. Check out her blog and visit her on Facebook – Instagram – TwitterPinterest

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