January 16, 2017 Laura 23Comment

Sundays are my favorite day of the week. Especially when I get to spend it with my ma. Tackling some errands, a wonderful Sunday Brunch, and even snuck a little shopping in there…and it was National Hat Day! Not tooting my horn, but a lucky day it was since I found my wide brimmed hat that actually fits my head and doesn’t swallow me whole (I’ve only been searching for over a year!).  Started the day out a little slow but on a wonderfully positive note. I love mornings that I don’t have to push myself out of bed! Cooked…

January 2, 2017 Laura 6Comment

During my 2017 Goals & Intentions Planning, I sat and revisited my Bucket List…this has been growing and transforming over the years realigning me with what I feel is a purpose in my life.  Let’s start by taking a look at what I checked off at my 2016 Bucket List: Make a bucket list. Have some paintings in an art show (woot, was in three this year!), paint a self-portrait…okay so I didn’t do too much checking off in 2016 but I did still have some amazing other adventures – rode in a bi-plane, went to Chincoteague, VA, smashed a car (like in a…

December 24, 2016 Laura 5Comment

Christmas Eve celebrations in full swing, the presents wrapped and under the tree, stockings stuffed…one of my favorite times of year.  10 Things I Love About Christmas Christmas Lights. Reminiscing with family over Christmas dinner. Christmas Movies all month long! A trip to Matango’s for Christmas candy. Rudolph! Christmas Carols. Giving special gifts to loved ones. Christmas Cookies! Watching the Christmas Day Parade. The fresh smell of a Christmas Tree. Graphic Design Credit to my son, Dylan <3  

December 20, 2016 Laura 19Comment

Our first lay of snow of the season in Central Pennsylvania, and I had a photo shoot scheduled… what’s there to do, other than have a blast? There is nothing better than shooting with a photographer that is up for an adventure. So off we set to explore Hershey, PA for a day filled with unexpected props, quirky random sayings (I’m notorious for that), and an afternoon filled with laughter and purpose.  Our first stop checked in at an old building foundation for a little tree pose practice. I must tell you, it takes a little balance to get into…

December 18, 2016 Laura 4Comment

2017 brings a year of new beginnings and new opportunities. This is your year to make new magic come to life! Join me in ringing in the New Year with 31 Days To A New You to kick off the year with new habits and healthy routines to prepare yourself for your most awesome year yet! Sign up today to receive your free 2017 Goals & Intentions Planning Kit. Kick Off is New Year’s Day!  

December 14, 2016 GingerGoose Boutique

Sit by the fire and read a book. Catch snowflakes on your tongue. Go on a Christmas Lights tour. Write a letter to Santa. Knit a scarf. Donate toys to Toys for Tots or an Angel Tree. Mail Holiday Cards. Build a snowman. Go sledding. Drink hot chocolate with mini marshmallows. Make homemade gifts. Feed reindeer. Make a winter-themed wreath. Make Snow Ice-Cream. Go ice skating.

December 13, 2016 GingerGoose Boutique

15 Songs About December: A collection of songs about December (or with December references for a stretch)  “December” by Collective Soul – https://youtu.be/6exsatE-DUk “I Can’t See the Sun in Late December” by Stevie Wonder – https://youtu.be/b-1Fxciz6GA “December” by Weezer – https://youtu.be/twne0ZyN__g “Lego House” by Ed Sheeran – https://youtu.be/c4BLVznuWnU “Back to December” by Taylor Swift – https://youtu.be/QUwxKWT6m7U “Violet Hill” by Coldplay – https://youtu.be/IakDItZ7f7Q “December, 1963” by The Four Seasons – https://youtu.be/nDxhugRKZ8g “Once Upon A December” – https://youtu.be/r1zamKoUREI

December 10, 2016 Laura

I feel like every year I see the articles and the posts, “How to Stay Away From the Treats This Season” or “How To Stick To Your Diet This Holiday” – I say Bah-Humbug to that! I believe in balance. It’s a celebratory season, enjoy it, we only get it once a year. That doesn’t go to say to over-indulge, key word was balance, but design your plan so that you can enjoy the season. I am not a huge believer in diets, I believe in lifestyle, I believe in living balanced, loving life and not depriving yourself of treats….

December 7, 2016 Laura

Staying motivated during the holiday season can be tough, especially if we have some extra days off. I find myself wanting to loaf around in my pj’s and fuzzy socks, staying curled up with a cup of hot chocolate and watching Christmas movies all day long…but is that in our best interest? Life gets hectic during this time of year, our to-do lists get longer and we can fall behind…making us tired and somewhat lazy. While I am a big advocate of taking some time to rest and to recoup, do you want to spend all your vacation days doing…