My Plans for Lent 2017

Last year I gave up all meat for the six weeks of lent – which resulted in me replacing it with carbs – I wasn’t as disciplined as I should have been and I didn’t get what I wanted out of Lent last year other than proving to myself I could not eat meat for six weeks. This year I want to practice in a way that is truly meaningful and purposeful to me and to my life. I’ve been feeling rather in a bit of a rut the past couple of weeks and Lent couldn’t have come at a better time. This year I have chosen to not only give up but to also add to my life during Lent.

– No Clutter: Each day I will rid an item that doesn’t bring value to my life.

– No liquor: Just don’t need the calories or the trouble it can bring.

– No Meat on Fridays: I’m going to go traditional on this one. I think the practice will be good for me to understand the sacrifice of Lent and will also push me to be more creative and explorative with my meals.

– No Negativity: This is the biggest driver of stress in our lives. I don’t want to live my life stressed out and anxious. So for Lent, I will give great focus to turning every negative thought into a positive outlook and opportunity.

– I will add Meditation daily into my routine.

– I will exercise daily.

– I will read and recite an affirmation or mantra daily.

You do not have to Catholic, or even Christian to practice Lent. In today’s age, many people practice Lent as a community, or to improve their own spirituality and inner strength. I respect this holiday and practice as a whole and I believe we should be able to openly share it. 

How will you be practicing Lent this year? 


Dandelion Wishes & What They Do For Us

Wishes make me think of dandelions…like when we were young and we would grab as many as we could gather in our hands and blow the seeds around and send out the simplest wishes. Wishes are magical sparks that dance around our mind like sparklers. They are the easy breeze that blows through the leaves. They are the little blocks that make up our dreams. Wishes are like little fairies skipping through our imagination.

wishes: plural noun : desires or hope for something to happen

Our wishes change as we grow. When I was little I wished to grow a mermaid tail and I wished for wings. As I grew older I wished for a family. Now as I pursue my life goals, I wish for success and drive. My wishes become dreams which become goals which become building blocks for my life. I find that having wishes keeps me feeling alive and keeps me motivated. I still wish upon shooting stars, I still make a wish each year on my birthday, and every now and then I still grab a dandelion. I believe that to keep dreams alive we must keep our wishes alive. Wishes can give us perspective, they can give us hope, and most of all they give us the magical spark we need in life. 

I wish to be surrounded with vibrant colors.

I wish to have great adventures in life.

I wish to fill my life with love.

I wish to own a boutique and art gallery.

I wish to be an author.

I wish to be an artist. 

I wish to be the mother that my son can look up to for inspiration. 

I wish every night for a good night’s sleep.

I wish to stay healthy for a long time.

I have many wishes and each day I add a new wish, and each day I keep working towards making my wishes come true.

What wishes do you have and what are you doing to make those wishes come true? 

Today’s #LoveBlog2017 prompt was wishes. This prompt spun me back to childhood memories <3

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Charlene is a 20 something wife and fur mamma living in Ohio. She uses her blog, “Enduring All Things” to inspire young wives to keep God first and their husbands second in everything they do.


Laura is a big dreamer, full time marketing manager, blogger, and part-time artist. She aspires to inspire people in their everyday lives and help them to live towards their dreams and making the most out of their lives. She has been blogging for about 6 years now, more recently finding her glorious niche’ of sharing her stories and thoughts of life and daily inspiration.

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Dear Grandma,

When I sat down the other night to write my post for #LoveBlog2017 I was tasked with writing for the prompt loss. We experience many forms of loss in our lives. Loss of relationships, loss of time, and loss of loved ones. I read many wonderful posts from bloggers about their losses and how they’ve dealt with their grief and one thought kept cycling back through my mind.

About three years ago my Grandmother passed away, just two weeks shy of thirtieth birthday which was a pivoting time in my life. Her death hadn’t been expected and threw my family on quite the spiral. I found myself sitting in a coffee shop one afternoon writing this letter:

Dear Grandma,

I miss you. Yesterday I turned thirty and I am feeling myself faced with a life challenge; a challenge of love, of faith, and of finding happiness. I desperately listen for your words of wisdom, to lead me down the right path. You were more than just my Grandma, you were my friend and my safe haven. I would look to you for strength, for inspiration. I miss having you here to hold me, to tell me it’s going to be okay, not to worry, to lead me to pray. In my heart, I know you are still with me, forever in my heart. I’m sure you have become a beautiful angel, watching over us all. Even though it hurts so much that you are gone I know that through faith and prayer we will stay together. Grandma, please hear my prayer and be with me, give me strength and the wisdom to make the right choices. Help me live up to be the Granddaughter that you deserve to have and to follow in your soft footsteps ever so gracefully. I will always miss you, I will always love you, and I will never let you out of my heart.


Your Granddaughter, slightly lost without you but not without hope.

I revisit this letter a few times throughout each year since she’s passed. A year later my Grandfather also passed away, again about two weeks shy of my birthday. I miss her and my Grandfather both so very much. Time does heal things and both myself and my family have come a long way since their passing. The imprint that they had on our lives remains and for that I am ever so grateful. Without my Grandparents influence I wouldn’t be who I am today. When my Grandfather passed I almost unconsciously went into hoarding mode with a lot of their things that remained. In a way I think I thought that keeping all their stuff would keep them here with me. This year I have started going through the collection of items I had taken into my possession. I know it’s time to let go of those material things, for those items are not the memories or love of my Grandparents. Their spirit and love still remain with me, in my heart. I will always miss them but I am allowing the cycle of life to be what it is and to accept it. In loss also comes growth.

The Purpose of Memories


We carry so many with us, it makes me wonder where they all stay. Some locked away only to be recalled by a certain spark. Some that bring strength, some that bring joy and just the slight smile, and some that still sting like the prick from the sharp edge of a dagger. I would not return any of them though, for they make up a part of me. 

I still remember the steadfast words that my grandmother told me while I sat by her hospital bed, “Everyday just do your best and that will always be enough.”  – This brings inspiration and purpose to every one of my days. 

I still remember the Fourth of July night that my mother and I sat on the porch with glasses of wine laughing about our trials of life and watching the fireworks. – This brings a smile to me every time. 

I still remember my first kiss under the play set on the playground. – This brings a memory of a sense of discovery. 

I still remember the first time my son told me hated me. – This brings strength and courage to me. 

Our memories are part of our story, they shape us and they remind us of where we’ve come from and what we’ve learned. 


Some cherished, some painful…but all a part of us and that makes each one so beautiful and so powerful. Each one of our memories provides us a lesson in our lives. 

“Sometimes you will never know the value of moment until it becomes a memory.”

How to Turn an Unmotivated Day into a Productive Day

Do you ever have those days where you just can’t seem to get motivated? That was me today. Maybe it was the rainy weather or the becoming calmness of finally shortening my to-do list but the drive just wasn’t there. I managed to get my blog post socialized (thank goodness I wrote it last night!), I forced myself to shower and to do my daily exercises and I started with the most tedious task from my to-do list for the office, Facebook Posts. And let’s just say thank you for the frozen potato skins in the freezer or I might not have eaten today (yeah that unmotivated!) 

Have faith that you can rock your day still! 

So I had to push myself a little and I did that by starting with the simple (even though tedious) task to get my groove going. Wrapping up the day I am happy to say that I got through it and with a bit of a list completed too! 

  • Finished my laundry
  • Set up Google AdSense on my site
  • Knocked off about six things on my to-do list for the office
  • Plumber came and fixed our gurgling drains (hopefully no more plumbing issues this year!)
  • Socialized my #LoveBlog post like crazy
  • Jumped into some Facebook Group participation posts
  • Did a quick wipe down of my bathroom
  • Went to my son’s basketball game
  • Wrote and scheduled my blog posts for the rest of the week
  • And scheduled the socialization for my posts for the rest of the week

Not too shabby for an unmotivated day! Push yourself to get moving and then be satisfied, an accomplishment is an accomplishment, no matter how big or small. 

Celebrational Thoughts Of National Serpent Day

Today was National Serpent Day…On this special day I am reminded of the great power that this animal represents for us in our lives bringing about healing and change, growth into a new beginning. It brings forth great self-awareness and spiritual guidance leading to an awakening of our life force, nudging us forward to our destiny and abundance.  It symbolizes the shedding of an old life and old habits and unleashing great personal power. It gives us the ability to sense our surroundings more sensitively so that we may navigate through our lives in a more purposeful and intentional manner to make wise decisions in our direction. 

The serpent reminds us of the power of change and transformation. Even though change can be difficult and at times messy it is necessary for our journey. Even if it may cause discomfort, just as a snake sheds its skin we must also shed things to grow. Change will in the end make us stronger and more vibrant as we are meant to be. 

              My pup with her new snake toy

Inspiration From The Streets

“Creativity is inventing, experimenting, growing, taking risks, making mistakes, and having fun.” ~ Mary Lou Cook

Where would art be if we didn’t have artists that pushed the limits and broke some rules?  I have a secret love for street art and graffiti. It takes some gust and some big inspirations to create art like that, big scale and bold colors up for the whole world to see. 


From a simple smiley face to a city poetry garden to a grand message, these pieces of art are one of a kind and hold their ground. Go explore, there is art all around us! 

An Awesome Day: Sunday Funday : Brunch, Errands, & Shopping

Sundays are my favorite day of the week. Especially when I get to spend it with my Ma. Tackling some errands, a wonderful Sunday Brunch, and even snuck a little shopping in there…and it was National Hat Day! Not tooting my horn, but a lucky day it was since I found my wide brimmed hat that actually fits my head and doesn’t swallow me whole (I’ve only been searching for over a year!). 

Started the day out a little slow but on a wonderfully positive note. I love mornings that I don’t have to push myself out of bed! Cooked some scrambled eggs for my ma, myself, and my pup – yes I cook for my dog. C’mon cut me some slack she has a gluten allergy so that rules out some stuff for her…and well she’s my princess! Checked off some blog page updates off my to-do list and then got ready to head out for some errands – today was a #selfcaresunday so I wiggled in a quick hair mask treatment while I was getting ready. 

I was so excited to pick up my computer from The Geek Squad today – finally able to use my laptop efficiently again – woohoo! If you’re a blogger you definitely know this excitement! And then we were off to a Sunday Brunch – okay we added this one into the day…which meant a mimosa! We tried a restaurant called Susquehanna Harvest Season Grill – this was definitely added to our favorites list! The restaurant was farm to table and mostly organic which we don’t have too much of around here. The menu was amazing! I’m no foodie blogger but this meal was one to be noted. I tried a grapefruit juice mimosa – yum! A little sour for my ma but I was all over it. We started off with a local farms cheese board with an array of wonderful cheeses, candied nuts, an orange jam, a plum jam, and raw honey. For entrees we devoured fish dishes: I went with Artic Char and my ma went with Cedar Salmon, both came with fresh in-season vegetables. Oh my goodness and then the desserts. I love that they came in mini glasses so we could try a bunch! 

And then off for a little shopping. I am working on trying to be more mindful in my shopping…I think I did okayish, better than other days at least. Got my hat, which happened to be 50% off the sale price woot! woot! and then grabbed some pants and stockings for work, okay and some jewelry, and a tank…but all with the idea that they are for work, right? And they were all on sale! Listen to me making my excuses, I just really love clothes and that’s just that. Picked up my new brush pot from Color Me Mine that I painted at last weekend’s adventures with my son and some organic toiletries I needed to replace…2017 is also my year to transform all of my beauty products to organic/natural products. 

It was a good day, not a usual #sundaydinner post but a wonderful day. Wrapped up the evening with a facial (when I say facial, I mean slab on the at-home stuff) and an episode of BlindSpot and now I’m curled up (on my fixed laptop yay!) watching Black Mirror on Netflix catching up on some blog stuff. 

I hope all of you had a wonderful Sunday Funday too!!! 

Just me blabbing about my day <3

My Visions & Dreams In Paint – Hidden Self Portraits

I had it on my bucket list last year to paint a self portrait. I took it off my bucket list this year.

Though I haven’t sat down in front of the mirror and painted a mere image of myself, I have painted many self portraits.

Each piece of my artwork also has a piece of me in them. A reflection of who I am, how I feel, how I see. Artwork is an expression of ourselves, in each piece a part of our individuality is captured. Therefore I will always be painting a self portrait in some way. In my Phoenix is how I arose above and beyond life’s challenges and tragedies, the strength in my angel that I found within myself, the blue hues of my dreams in my gypsy…each painting and sketch holds a view or a dream of mine.


My 10 Winter Essentials for Surviving the Blue Months

Let’s say I’m one of those types that thrives better in warmer climates…yet I live in the crazy-can’t make up it’s mind about weather state of Pennsylvania so come January it gets a little chilly around here. From January through March we get to enjoy the beautiful scenery of freezing rain and the occasional peaceful snow dump. Don’t get me wrong, I love snow, it’s beautiful – at first…then it turns into a slushy mess – and I’m just not feeling the so cold temperatures we get around here. I try and rebel so much against winter that I have flip flops with fuzzy soft sheepskin lining. But with all that said, Winter still comes every year so I make a point to survive and be happy about it.

All opinions are my own. This post contains affiliate links, which means I receive payments for leads/sales. For more information please reference my disclosure page

My Winter Essentials:

1.  A cup of hot tea (when I say a cup, cups of tea) – nothing feels better than having a warm mug of hot tea between my hands when I’m feeling chilly and tea is so soothing and calming.

2. Fuzzy socks – let’s be real here, as soon as I get home the fuzzy socks come out of the drawer and on my feet they go!

3. Organic Coconut Oil & Lip Balm – the cold weather is rough on my skin and my face so I make sure to provide my skin and lips with lots of extra moisture. Coconut oil is amazing, it leaves my skin feeling soft and smooth and it smells great. Just heat it up a little (it typically comes in a jar in solid form) and slather it on – note though, it can get messy so pour a little in your palms over the sink and apply a little at a time.

4. Beanies – I keep a beanie with me at all times. Always have to keep my head warm. I love my beyond Beanie alpaca blend hat – it doesn’t mess up my hair much either which is great for when I’m heading into the office. The best thing about beyond Beanie is that I am giving back with my purchase. Use promo code LROMBERGER15 for 15% off!

5. A great pair of boots – I think it may be a requirement to have a pair of boots in Pennsylvania. With the icy conditions we get, it is key to be able to stable yourself. But boots are also a great winter style trend. I am working on a little bit of collection of boots. I have my suede boots, my heeled boots, my wine colored booties, my every day booties, and my equestrian boots (which are probably my favorite because I can wear them with almost anything and they are super comfy!)

6. A good book – Reading helps me continue to dream in adventures during the colder months. I can’t get outside quite as much when it’s cold so reading gives me the opportunity to escape. I also love to use this time that I’m hibernated in the house to focus on self-development and growth and there are lots of great books out there to catch up on that. I’m currently reading “You are a Badass: How To Stop Doubting Your Greatness and Start Living An Awesome Life” by Jen Sincero – this book is awesomely inspiring and motivating. Jen speaks in a very real tone which I find easy to relate to.

7. Leggings – I almost live in these during the winter. I wear them around the house with my fuzzy socks and a sweatshirt, I wear them with my boots and a sweater for lunch with my friends, I wear them with a sweater dress to the office…and of course I have my workout leggings for the gym. I’ve got a pair of leggings for everything.

8. My Sand Cloud Towel – this is super soft and is wonderful for wrapping up in when I’m sitting at my computer writing a blog post or curled up with my book. And it’s got that great bonus of going towards a good cause too! Shop Sand Cloud Towels and save 25% by using promo code RoLaura25

9. A comforting candle – nothing beats the warm glow and beautiful scent of a candle on a cold day – okay some things beat it but it’s pretty wonderful. (You can see a theme here) I love to light a candle and curl up in my leggings with my Sand Cloud towel with a good book…I’m telling you winter is a great time to cozy up and project yourself.

10. A cozy blanket scarf – this is a must have for me, and finding it is especially key to wear to the office…and in the office. They keep our office about as warm as a refrigerator!

As much as a winter person I may not be, I refuse to let the cold get me down, no winter blues here! I keep my arsenal of tools for joy and to stay cozy and warm and snug as a bug to keep a smile on my face…and I remind myself, “This is only temporary, Spring will be here soon.” <3

Check out some more of my favorite finds here – Winter Essentials