December 28, 2016 Laura 12Comment

A couple days before the New Year rings in and I have two vacation days ahead. What are my plans – staying home, kicking it in some sweats and going to town on cleaning, organizing, ditching the clutter, and writing those resolutions down! The New Year is always an exciting time for me, like a new bud blossoming open, it creates a new beginning and new life unto all of us.  You can’t go wrong in these cozy duds. Check out my top picks for cozy wear for your New Year’s prep.  

December 28, 2016 Laura 23Comment

Why do I love getting the Causebox? Because it brings me so much joy to know I am helping support the world, helping to give a job to someone, helping someone get back on their feet…and I get really cool stuff to use in this beautiful life and show my support. I keep telling myself I am going to go minimalist and I do have good intentions and I have downsized quite a bit in my opinion but my struggle is that I love to shop…hmm, tough one, so my balance is by shopping for a cause, giving back with…

December 16, 2016 Laura 2Comment

Being an artist, I find that I have so many sides, I come with a naturally eclectic personality and tastes for many things, with a grand sense of adventure. I  express how I see myself and my world through my artwork and through my style. Artists have free spirits and find love and pain in so many things, some of us see the world through a wide array of color, some of us see several shades of black and white. We can be amazingly easy to shop for or we can be stubbornly hard to shop for. Each artist is…

December 9, 2016 Laura

Elegance – dignified grace in appearance, movement, or behavior; good taste in design, style, arrangement; something elegant, a refinement.  Show your feminine side with classic and exquisite pieces from this collection. Be a lady with style.   I am known to be eclectic in all areas of my life, we all have that special sophisticated, lady-like side. Some days we wake up with a need to be fancy, to be all dolled-up, to show that pretty, sweet side.  Shop away for those pretty pieces to add to your closet for those special days

December 2, 2016 GingerGoose Boutique

Still looking for the perfect gifts? Check out these unique finds to bring the utmost joy! (link below) Happy Shopping!

November 25, 2016 Laura

So I don’t usually sales pitch but here’s the deal…Black Friday drives me crazy, I have seen some people get so aggressive at this whole shopping thing, I’m more of a Cyber Monday kind of girl so I can stay home in my safe place! This year I have decided to share some of the companies that I rep and affiliate for because they give back and that’s something that is important to me + some bonus businesses I love. Check out below for some of my favorites for sales and deals for #shopforacause for your holiday gift shopping <3

November 22, 2016 GingerGoose Boutique 1Comment

The shopping season has begun…Black Friday is among us, I’m more of a Cyber Monday kind of girl though. Something about the ease of online shopping and staying away from the hustle and bustle brings me more peace. This week’s pick are from the online store ASOS. I love this store because it has such a variety of items, something perfect for the office party, the best gift for your bestie, or something casual for you to wear year round. I already have some  Happy Shopping!

November 14, 2016 GingerGoose Boutique

I love Fall Fashion but I always find the transition in season wardrobes challenging. Each season trips a desire for a shopping spree and a closet clean out for me. I love the new colors that come out with the cooler weather approaching! This week’s fashion picks bring neutrals and pops of colors together to create options to move from Fall to Winter!  Check out this week’s Fashion Picks and let me know your favorites here –

September 24, 2016 GingerGoose Boutique

September is coming to a close and the cooler weather is inching in, stock up on summer end deals before they’re gone with savvy shopping choices from my Fashion Picks of the Week. This week’s picks have summer finds to tuck away and pieces to transition your style into Fall.  Happy Shopping!!!

September 13, 2016 GingerGoose Boutique

At one point way back in my younger years I wanted to be in the fashion world, I wanted to design and create but that wasn’t my path to walk. So with still having a love for fashion I thought this was a great way for me to satisfy that little craving but keep it simple (because there are bigger journeys out there for me to explore). This is my first post of My Fashion Picks of the Week”. Enjoy!