December 29, 2016 Laura

I have always been in love with mermaids…some days thinking maybe I was/am one – who knows… I have a pretty imaginative mind. More recently I have been exploring my design of mermaids, through my sketches and my paintings. As I sketched and painted, it brought to me to a memory of a dream within a meditation I had a couple of years ago. I thought it’d be fun to share for a #throwbackthursday post. My dream spoke of pain and love, of disaster and beauty. It is how I feel the world is balanced, that even though there may…

November 9, 2016 GingerGoose Boutique 3Comment

It’s easy to get caught up looking only at the end goal and not the progress. We need to remember that sometimes the journey is what really matters. Some nights I lay in bed and think of all the things I want out of life, all the dreams and goals I have yet to master, and all the lessons I still must learn. As I continue to think, I start to remind myself how far I’ve come, how much I’ve grown and evolved. It gives me confidence and it gives me courage to not ever give up. I look at…

August 24, 2016 GingerGoose Boutique

” A secret to happiness is letting every situation be what it is, instead of what you think it should be”… This is one of the many quotes that hang on my wall. A secret to life is to believe that every thing has a purpose. Good times bring us joy and bring us up, rough times give us lessons that make us stronger. I believe we all are made for a higher purpose of some kind. Our experiences in our lives will help us become what and who we are meant to be if you are open to the…

April 16, 2016 GingerGoose Boutique 1Comment

I have the power to choose. I have the power to choose to have positive people in my life. I have the power to choose to be happy. I have the power to choose my battles. I have the power to choose to share love, joy, and hope. I have the power to choose to be free. I have the power.

April 6, 2016 GingerGoose Boutique

A few of my favorite things…some things that bring me joy and peace… My Favorite Flower – Poppies My Favorite Colors – Cobalt Blue & Violet My Favorite Current Song – “Lost Boy” by Ruth B – My Favorite Ice Cream Flavor – Mint Choc Chip My Favorite Yoga Pose to do – Child Pose – it’s just so relaxing! My Favorite Scent – Dragonsblood My Favorite Tree – Weeping Willow My Favorite Animal – Elephants My Favorite Meditation Music Artists – Philip Wesley – Dean Evenson –

March 29, 2016 GingerGoose Boutique

Today was a busy busy day, I apologize for the late night post…today was a day of catch up and surprisingly I still have energy left…this is what happens when you do things you love!!! Today is #motivationmonday – I love days like this! Motivation and Inspiration are key factors to keeping us going. I have several motivators – success, praise, accomplishment, the desire to help and inspire people, set an example for my son that dreams can come true, the desire to live life and be happy…there are just so many reasons to live life and work towards your…

March 22, 2016 GingerGoose Boutique

A list post… Sitting still for moments During Yoga Art Journaling Earthing Laying with my crystals placed and listening to meditation music Singing along to my favorite songs Moon Bathing Coloring Mandalas Laying in the grass looking at the sky Guided Meditation Series Mountain Pose in the shower