I’m really glad you’re here. Something must have inspired you to visit. Inspiration is a wonderful and beautiful thing and we can find it in so many places. I began Do Five Things A Day because I wanted to create a place of inspiration, a place that motivates and pushes us to go after our dreams, to create the life that we desire. Since I started my blog several years ago I’ve transformed so much, into having so much more in my life, and it all started with a change of perception. My dream for Do Five Things A Day is to inspire you in your everyday life and help you to live towards your dreams and to make the most out of every day and I do that by sharing my own experiences and stories. In 2018, I have stepped up my game and set the bars higher to reach. This is the year I hope to burst out of my pod and I’m so excited you’re here with me for it!

A Little Bit About My Blog:

Do Five Things A Day offers an eclectic mix of excitement, passion, and a story to tell of self-discovery, development and love. I focus on topics about taking care of yourself, and learning to find beauty and light in every moment and adventure life has to bring us. If you’re here, there must be something that motivated you to visit. Are you ready to make positive changes in your life too? Are you ready to eliminate the things dragging you down and burst out of your pod to show the world all you have to offer? That’s what my stories are about, these are my real-life experiences, adventures and thoughts about my journey. I write about my health and fitness experiences, art therapy, a lot about self-care, self-love and self-discovery and a little bit of what’s in between.

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