“If we have things we love, we should share them passionately with the world.”  



beyondBeanie– For every item purchased, you help a child in need. Use promo code LROMBERGER15 for 15% off your purchase. Shop beyondBeanie

“I absolutely love my beyondBeanie – it’s super warm, doesn’t mess up my hair too much, and is cute and I love love love shopping to give back! Every time I put it on it brings a smile to my face!”


Sand Cloud Towels – Every purchase helps protect marine life. Use promo code RoLaura25 for 25% off any order. Shop Sand Cloud Towels

“My Sand Cloud Towel has become a staple in my every day life. It’s wonderful for the winter in our cool house (I love to wrap up in it when I’m reading or at the computer blogging) and I can’t wait to take it to the beach with me this Summer. It’s super soft and cozy!”



Pura Vida Bracelets – With more to offer than bracelets, Pura Vida is supporting over 100 Costa Rican artisians with full time jobs, plus they have tons of bracelets available to support local and international charities. Use promo code LROMBERGER20 to save 20%. Shop Pura Vida

“I have been a proud supporter of Pura Vida Bracelets for several years now, sharing them with my family and friends. When my Grandfather had his stroke a few years back it was nice to be able to purchase a bracelet that we could wear to help support the National Heart & Stroke Association knowing that my purchase was going towards research to help stroke victims, it was very personal for me.”


Mavenx –

Shop my boards for Fashion Picks, Gift Ideas, and More – Laura’s Boards

Build your own boards, share, and earn – Earn With Maven


Blog & Website Services:


Siteground Web Hosting – 

Last year I made the decision to go bigger with my blog. The idea of moving my site was terrifying to me. I have been blogging since 2016 and it was nerve-wracking considering the possibility that I might lose all of my history during the transition. The customer service I received with SiteGround was nothing less than amazing. They actually sat on chat with me for 45 minutes answering all of questions and concerns before I even decided to purchase the plan. My site has been running wonderfully and I’ve received great feedback on the load speeds of my site. I am very pleased with SiteGround and was happy I decided to make the switch.

Make the switch – SiteGround Web Hosting


Blog Photography – 

I have been working with Anthony for about 6 months now on photography shoots and I can’t say enough good things about him. His work is beautiful and he is very easy to work with. 

Anthony Machcinski is a local photographer and a professional journalist for the York Daily Record. He has had work featured in several local art shows. He is available for local modeling shoots, as well as engagement photos and product promotion. You can reach him via his Facebook at facebook.com/photobychinski


BoardBooster – 

This is a great site for managing your pins on Pinterest. I love that I can save a bunch to a board and then it will pin them out for me throughout the day. Since utilizing the services on BoardBooster I have seen an increase in followers and in repins and engagement. It is easy to set up and use and also has resources for checking the quality of your pins and boards. Check out BoardBooster for yourself.