Inspiration & Motivation For When It’s Tough To Keep Going

I was browsing through some old posts, doing my monthly reflecting thing, and I came across this one. I wrote it in September of 2014, a true turning point in my life. With Easter soon here, it brings thoughts to mind of hope and new beginnings, a thought of how true pain can bring upon us glorious resurrection. I can’t say that my life became easy, or that heartache stopped to exist in my life after this turning point, and maybe some days I still don’t take it in the best stride, but I do come back from it every time, stronger than I was before. I can’t help but imagine that I am being trained for something so much greater out of this life. In the last three years, I’ve suffered more loss and held greater heartaches but I will not give up hope ever. I refuse to believe that life is anything other than a gift, that our suffering is anything other than lessons. I refuse to roll over and lay. My spirituality has shifted some as I grow but my core beliefs remain the same and I still believe. 

We live by faith, not by sight. (2 Corinthians 5:7)

I have experienced many trials, challenges, and heartaches in my life (so far) but I do not look back at them with regret or resentment.  A couple of years ago when my ex left me three months before our wedding I was crushed, the very center I had built my future around had been shattered. Though I didn’t know it then, I had been saved. When my Grandmother passed away, I was deeply saddened, but with that sadness I found strength and courage. When my son was angry and told me he hated me I felt as if my heart had been pierced but it gave me focus and motivation to show him how much I loved him, to be a better Mother.
We will all have tragedies in our lives. Some we bring on ourselves, some that are dealt to us, but do not look at them as defeat, for there is no such thing as defeat. These are just twists in our path.

If it wasn’t for my heartaches, for the challenges I overcame then I wouldn’t be where I am today, or who I am today (or have the relationships I have today). Some hurdles I soared over, some I barely climbed but I can say with pride and boast that I survived them, I survived. The Universe does not break our lives but will always be there to give us strength to survive. We will be given the tools to rebuild. Life will always have tests – tests of strength,  tests of courage, and tests of faith.
Having faith isn’t about knowing what the outcome will be, it is about trusting that in the end it will all be well. I used to have a close friend that would always say, “It will be okay and if it’s not okay, then it is not the end”. Those words still linger in my mind. I truly believe that we are placed (or sometimes walk ourselves into) situations so that we may grow, that we may better ourselves. Ten years ago I didn’t have that same belief, I thought the world was against me. But then I learned some valuable advice – what makes us strong, what makes us happy, and what makes us wise is not what happens to us but it is in how we  react to it. I choose to be happy, therefore I am.

I don’t know what all will happen tomorrow but I do know that I will have faith to make it through and that I will come out a better person because of it.

I Choose to be, Therefore I am.

How To Keep Joy In Your Life

My ex says to me, “You just want to go and be seen all the time.” His comment really irked me. It made me feel as if he was implying I was a show-off which doesn’t really fit my personality or my values and it bugged me. The comment stuck with me, it kept nagging at me and I kept analyzing it over and over. Driving home from the grocery store, laying down to sleep at night – I’d think of it. Such a simple comment that had become ever-so annoying to me, sticking in my mind. Last night it hit me, he was right – in a way.

I do want to be seen, and I want to be recognized not because I’m proud but because I eagerly want to be a part of this world. We should all want that, being together brings us joy. We were created to connect and to unite and to help each other. And yeah, I want a part in that, a chance to be part of something great, a part of our great humanity. But to understand that I had to change my perspective of his comment. After thinking that out I made a list of my rules for keeping joy in my life around the thought of how we should be living in this world, as part of this world, rules I live by every day. If you want to be truly joyful, you need to shine your light where ever you go, let that bright ray of sunshine from in you fall upon the world! 

My Angel of Strength

“Angel of Strength”

She is always here with me, walking beside me and pulling me up when I need her.

She helps me see beauty in every moment, even in painful ones.

As I get ready to enter into the New Year, I sit and think of the blessings that came out of 2016, the challenges that made me tougher, and the joys that made me see clearer, and the new beautiful friendships I have acquired.

I can feel the magic of 2017 creeping in my bones and am filled with enthusiasm to jump into the new year, a year for more growth and discovery and transformation.

“Angel of Strength”, mixed media, Paintings by LAR.

10 Simple Morning Self-Care Routines for an Amazing Day

The start of the day is the moment when we stage how our day is going to roll out. We can decide in those moments if we are going to make it a good day. Set yourself up for success by practicing self-care rituals to strengthen yourself for anything the day may bring.











  1. Before you get out of bed, take three deep breaths. Clear your mind of any lingering thoughts before getting up. My rule is that I do not get up until I have breathed and let go and cleared my mind. I tell myself that I refuse to take negativity into my new day.
  2. Get out of bed and stretch. Stand tall and reach up high, elongating your body as much as you can. Reach back and pull your body into an arch, then lean forward and touch the floor. Or do a Morning Yoga Routine –
  3. Make your bed. Tidy up your room. Create a clean area for a clean mind, an open mind.
  4. Make a cup of tea. Tea has been proven to be calming and cleansing. Creating a calm atmosphere prepares you for a calm day.
  5. Review your planner. See what is on your agenda for the day, create your thoughts around planning for an efficient and productive day.
  6. Read an affirmation or a Mantra. Read it aloud to yourself, write it down. Here are some I use for my Self-Care:
  7. “May my heart be brave, my mind fierce, and my spirit free.”
  8. “My soul is ready to live the life of my dreams.” ~ Sarah Prout
  9. “Special things are about to happen for me and I am ready to allow it.”
  10. “I am focused and persistent. I will never quit.”
  11. “When we change the way we look at things, the things we look at change.” ~ Wayne Dyer
  12. Be still and just listen. After reading your mantra, take a moment to process it. Listen to the sounds around you, whether it is rain falling, birds singing, or cars bustling by on a busy street, just listen, find peace in the morning sounds.
  13. Write down three things you are grateful for. Write them in your planner so that you can be reminded of them throughout the day.
  14. Give your pup or your kitty a hug. Or child, or parent, or significant other, or your best friend… Feel the unconditional love they have for you fill you. Let that unconditional love stay with you all day. When you become frustrated, think of them.
  15. Before you walk out the door, say to yourself, “I’ve got this. I will make today amazing. No matter what today brings, I can handle it.” Say this as many times as you need to today because you do have this. You are strong enough to handle anything, you just have to believe it.

So go out into the world today and have a wonderful day, not because of what happens to you, but because you choose to.


We must remember to be bold in all areas of our lives. 

Be bold in love,

be bold in making your goals,

and be bold in facing your fears.



Things that Relax Me – a List Post – All About Me

I keep a pretty busy schedule…it’s important for me to make sure I keep a balance of wind down time, me time, a way to recharge myself…so here’s my list (another one of those, get to know your blogger posts!) … a make sure to complete at least one, but sometimes a day calls for two or three!

I just couldn’t resist sharing this picture! This is totally my expression after a long day!














Art Journaling



Taking a long hot shower

Taking a walk

A dip in the ocean

A cup of tea


Sitting beneath a tree, letting the earth’s energies flow through me

How do you relax? Add to my list!

Wild but Stable

We are raised that there is either wild or there is civilized. We always have to make an ultimate choice. Why can’t we be a healthy mix of both? Why can’t we be wild & free and stable & strong all at the same time? I like to think of myself as a free spirit, a free thinker but I need an organized world to dance in. I enjoy spontaneity but I also find I thrive in routine. I need a balance of both in my life. I need the space to run when I feel the need to be wild but I need the safe warmth of structure. It’s like having a clean, organized house with a big backyard to play in. Why can’t our lives embody that idea? I believe in having an open mind, understanding that everyone has their own path, but withholding strong values and striving towards making positive choices. I believe in a balance of work and play. So be responsible, follow your routine, but let go once in awhile, yell at the top of your lungs, take that jump now and again, run through the sprinkler, have that extra glass of wine every now and then, sleep late on a weekend, have a lazy Sunday…live life to the fullest…be wild, be free, but remember to be stable, and be balanced.

“Be a goofball. It’s healthy for the soul.”


7 Questions You Need to Ask Yourself

What does it mean to complete self-discovery?

Wikipedia states: the term “journey of self-discovery” refers to a travel, or series of events whereby a person attempts to determine how they feel about spiritual issues and priorities.

Just a month ago I viewed the world from a different shade. I was a workaholic, spending 10-12 hours a day in the office and then at least another 6 hours out of the office worrying about work. I felt stressed out, exhausted, and even overwhelmed some days with life in general. I sacrificed time with my family, missed my son’s sports games, and barely had a social life to go to work and still not live up to the corporate set standards. My job had become my life, and it was sucking me dry.  I was the girl that kept telling herself that if I kept working like a dog I could earn enough money to eventually be able to break off and do something I love…let’s face it, that was just a vicious cycle. I’ll be turning 31 this August and I was still where I was two years ago career wise. My blog had sat inactive for seven months and I hadn’t posted anything in for months either. I had become stale. Then I lost my job…

This was a revelation for me, a release from an imprisonment I had put myself in many years ago. The opportunities are endless for me now. I have the chance to make a career change, a spiritual change, and to change myself. During my first few weeks “off” I did a lot of reading, inspirational and motivational reading, I started blogging again, I started practicing yoga, I visited my Grandfather more, I made time for connecting with people…I started redesigning my life. I started my “journey of self-discovery”.

Everyone’s journey of self-discovery will be different, just as we are each individual and unique. I believe that self-discovery, self-reflection, and meditation are truly components we need to complete in order to really find happiness and our true path. I feel this is a constant process, the world will always be throwing us twists and turns but if we can really get in touch with ourselves than we can lead an open and fulfilling life no matter what comes at us, and learn from each experience.

I visited a site called and they give you specific questions to ask yourself, dig deep and find your inner truth and purpose kind of questions.

  1. “Who am I?” –  what makes you unique, what defines you as an individual?
  2. “What do I need right now more than anything else?” – are you truly taking care of yourself? Spiritually, Physically, Emotionally?
  3. What meaning can I draw from this experience?” – what is the silver lining? What is the lesson from the challenge?
  4. What feeling do I most want to have in my life?” “What do I want to be doing more of in my life?” “What do I want to be doing less of in my life?” – what do I keep doing or keep in my life that doesn’t make me happy, what am I lacking that would make me happy?
  5. What am I resisting, or attaching to?”
  6. “What are my gifts? How can I share them with the world?”
  7. “How can I celebrate each day, or the moments of my life?”

Sit down and ask yourself these questions, are your answers in line with how you are living your life? Mine weren’t, but I’m changing that.

Knowledge comes from study, Wisdom comes from experience.


A Shining Light from a Blue Eyed Boy

This morning started out challenging… I woke up achy and tired and realizing I only had about $18 to make it through the rest of the week. Adding to it we were out of lunch meat and out of peanut butter so with that fueling the fire I snapped that I’d have to stop in my time crunch to spend money I didn’t have to pick something up for my son for lunch at his summer care. Quietly my son and I walked out to the car – his water bottle dropping and rolling all over the parking lot. My son and I tackled it as a team and finally caught it as it rolled under the fourth car. As we were climbing into the car to rush out, my son pulls out his leftover half of sandwich from the day before and cheerfully says, “I can eat the rest of this for lunch today!” My day was just saved by a bright blue-eyed nine-year-old boy. Sometimes our heroes are only four and half feet tall! Needless to say my daily inspiration came early today and with perfect timing. As the day went on the frustrations kept pouring in (was just one of those days) but with every challenge that the day presented to me, I thought of that smile my son gave me and remembered the strength it gave me. Don’t ever give up on a day just because it is rough, today I was reminded that there is always a solution!