November 2019

Five Natural Skincare Treatments from Around the World You Must Try

Women throughout the ages have shared anti-aging advice with each other. From secret recipes for facial creams and lotions to brushing your hair 100 strokes, every culture has some special advice to share and pass down. For skin care and to prevent or reduce wrinkles, most cultures take advantage of the natural ingredients in the […]

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October 2019

Three Things to Start Now to Stay, Look, and Feel Younger

Aging is a natural part of living. But there is no reason to look old, feel old, or think old. I actually learned this lesson in my twenties when I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis. This not much to compare to feeling “old” in your early twenties…fast forward to my mid-thirties and I feel younger […]

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August 2019

How to Practice The Fasting Mimicking Diet & How It Helps You Age Better

I practice intermittent fasting pretty consistently. Although it’s not for everyone, it works for me. There are different types of fasting and it’s not for everybody but there is research that shows how fasting for certain periods of time can be beneficial, including slowing down aging. What is Fasting? A simple definition of fasting: “The […]

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