No New Clothes for 365 Days

I did a bit of Black Friday shopping this past November and I grabbed some awesome finds……it was this that helped spur me towards an ultimate challenge for myself – 365 Days with no new clothes. From November 24th, 2017 to November 23rd, 2018 I have put a rule in place that I cannot buy any new clothes, shoes or accessories. This limits me to only buying consignment, thrift, and finding new ways to style what’s already in my closet. This challenge has three big goals to come out of this challenge with: 1. Save money, 2. Unleash creativity, and 3. Build discipline. I’ll be sharing outfits that I build through my thrifty finds and some thoughts on how I’m recreating and defining my look from what’s already in my closet too. There’s only one little loophole – I can be gifted new items – so my classic heels came as Christmas gifts this year…could improve some bargaining skills through this too – wink.

I’m kicking off my challenge with some fabulous finds from This is one of my favorite places to shop consignment. Keep in fashion while pinching pennies. has 2.5 Million unique items needing a home and adds thousands more every day. Use promo code DO5THINGS at checkout between 1/8 – 1/31 for 40% off orders for new customers, plus free shipping if order is over $10. Some exclusions may apply.

Winter Looks With

Banana Republic ‘Rain or Shine’ Tee ($3.50) paired with distressed jeans, a cozy beanie, and wine-colored booties

Banana Republic Grey Pencil Skirt ($4.00) paired with a flowy white blouse and cobalt blue suede heels for a pop

Banana Republic Cashmere Blend Sweater ($4.50) paired with green jeggings, casual booties, a crystal necklace and a leopard print clutch

J. Crew Sequin Tank ($5.50) paired with fitted mini skirt, suede jacket, and strappy heels

 Banana Republic Asymmetrical Tube Top ($4.50) and Banana Republic Linen Blazer ($5.00) paired with bootcut jeans, chic black layered necklaces, and a vegan leather clutch

J. Crew Textured Pencil Skirt ($6.50) paired with fitted turtleneck, black pearls, and classic black pumps

Banana Republic Open Weave Sweater ($5.00) paired with white skinny jeans, an artsy bronze necklace, and brown equestrian boots

Black Arden B. Tube Top ($4.50) paired with striped pencil skirt, black cardigan, and classic nude pumps

Want more ideas? Check out my How to Build Your Fall Fashion For Less Than $20

Old Navy Mint Sweater ($4.00) and Faux Fur Scarf ($3.00) paired with bootcut jeans, leopard print belt, and wide brimmed hat


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Power Tips For An Awesome Closet Clean Out


So as I journey towards Minimalism, I find myself in a constant battle over my wardrobe. I love clothes and style, after all I had a focus in Fashion Design & Merchandising for part of my schooling. Moving to a ‘Capsule Wardrobe’ (even though I do think they are a wonderful idea!) is just not something that is a realistic goal for me right now but that doesn’t mean I can’t slender my wardrobe down. Each season, I make time for a good closet clean-out and overhaul.

Minimalism isn’t about only owning the less stuff you possibly can, it’s about only holding onto things that bring joy and value to your life so some thoughts to keep in mind when you’re going through your clothes (really think hard into these questions too!):

1.) Does it fit well?

2.) Do I feel confident and fabulous in it? Does it add value to my day?

3.) Have I worn it or do I see myself wearing it in the near future (in season – within the next month; out of season – within the next 3-6 months depending on the piece of clothing)?

The Tedious Process of the Closet Clean-Out (but oh so necessary!!!):

1.) Take everything out of your closet.

2.) Hang back up the things you wear routinely or absolutely love and can’t live without.

*Organize by either type of clothing (i.e. work, play, going out wear) or by color.

3.) Start three piles:

First Pile – Donate

Second Pile – Try On/Keep if fits well

Third Pile – Sell

And a trash bag

4.) Start going through everything. Go through each piece of clothing and separate into each  pile, tossing anything that is mega worn, has holes or tears and doesn’t have any life left in it.

5.) Try on the clothes that are in that pile. Hang up what you have decided to keep. Quick Tip: Put your out-of season clothes in the back of your closet and then switch out when the season changes. The clothes you’ve decided not to keep, split up in the other piles accordingly (donate/sell).

6.) Pack up clothes for donation. After they’re all packed up, put them by the door or in the car so that you take them next time you go out. The key is to getting them out of the house as soon as possible so they don’t end up sneaking back into your closet! One of my favorite places to donate is Soles4Souls – they even hooked up with Zappos now and you can get free shipping labels to send your stuff in. They take both clothes and shoes!

7.) Take out the trash bag! 

8.) Prepare/Pack up clothes to sell. There are tons of places to sell your clothes nowadays. Here are a few of my favorites:

Ebay – The process to set up a listing on Ebay has become much easier than it used to be. The downside is that I’ve found I don’t sell my items for very much money here but it’s a great place to get items sold quickly. – I am loving this site! I pack up my stuff and ship it in and they take care of the rest – photos, listing on their site, pricing and shipping to the buyer. This is a newer site for me so I’m still waiting to see how I profit out of it but I really love the ease of it. You have three options to ship your clothes to them – Print a prepaid label and ship in your own box (which is a decent size box, up to 17 x 17 x 20 and up to 50 lbs.), request a label to be mailed to you, or request a shipping bag with prepaid label. They take the shipping cost out of your profits so there’s no upfront cost. I also like that they will take all seasons of clothing (of course, it may not sell as well if it’s out of season but still so nice to have the option to be able to ship it all out at once!) and they take women’s, men’s, and children’s clothing.

Poshmark – This is an app based site so you’ll have to download the app to your phone but it’s pretty simple to use. You can take pictures of your clothing within the app which makes it a pretty seamless process. Poshmark is more of a social selling platform in which members follow your “closet” and share your listings to their followers. I’ve been a Poshmark member for few years and I’ve made some sales here and there. Be ready to reply to comments and questions on your items, I’ve found it’s definitely more a conversational sale. They also have the opportunity for members to make an offer on your items and you can bargain back and forth for the sale a little bit.

Brick & Mortar Consignment Shops – These can be nice because they’re local but I find them to be more time consuming. Typically you’ll bring your items in for review, wait while they review them, and then they will review what they are going to take and what they will be pricing at them with you. You’ll have to head back to pick up any unsold items and they usually mail you a check for your commission. If you go this route, I recommend trying to find a shop that will offer you cash on the spot for the items they accept – it saves you some trips!

Yeah, I know the big, awesome closet clean-out can be a good day’s work but that aahhh feeling you have afterwards is so worth it and it pays off in the long run. Keeping a clean, organized closet helps relieve stress in the morning when you’re getting ready, helps ensure you have clothes that make you feel your best each day, and saves you money by keeping you up to date on what you already have (so you don’t end up with duplicates) and keeping basics on key for each season.

Get rid of the closet clutter! 

All opinions are my own. This post may contain affiliate links. For more information please reference my disclosure page.