October 2019

15 Things to Boost Your Mood When You’re Feeling Lonely

Sometimes we find ourselves feeling a bit off, feeling a little lonely. Finding a way to reconnect with loved ones, the world, and with yourself will help qualm these feelings. Here’s a list of 15 activities to help you beat those blues and reconnect with yourself and the world around you. Message a Friend. Read a […]

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September 2019

Scarcity Mindset and Suicide

Author: Justine Carwardine Suicide is a horrible way of dying, but the people committing it are making in their minds an incredible rational decision. Now I am not saying they are making the right decision just that they think they are. Now why would someone want to take away what was most precious to them? […]

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The Beginning of My Fight with Fear & Anxiety

This is one of those raw, emotional and disclosing posts… I am in a tough spot right now in my life. This may come to a surprise to some and some know I’ve been hurting. This past year has been particularly hard on me. I’m left feeling burnt out and drained emotionally. I had become […]

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