How to Build Your Fall Style for Less Than $20

I love building my wardrobe with the turn of a season, Fall being one of my favorite seasons to expand. I love boots, sweaters, blazers, and heels. With you can expand your wardrobe without spending a lot of money. Shopping at consignment shops is a great way to get new pieces for your closet without shelling out the new price tag dough. I was able to find several wonderful pieces in great condition, all for under $20!

All opinions are my own. This post contains affiliate links, which means I receive payments for leads/sales. For more information please reference my disclosure page. Photo Credit: Anthony Machcinski. Check out more of his work here – Photos by Anthony Machcinski

Purple Jean Shorts $2.30 – Aerie Sweater $5.00

Mint Green Old Navy Sweater $4.00 – Faux Fur Scarf $3.00

Banana Republic Linen Blazer $5.00 – Long Sleeve Tissue Tee $3.80

There are so many great finds at From sweaters to dresses to shoes and accessories, you can build a full outfit all for just bucks! Shop today and get free shipping with special discount code UGETFREESHIP at checkout.

P.S. Special shout-out to my awesome blog photographer Anthony Machcinski. We shot these photos in a short time frame trying to catch the last of the sun and I absolutely love them! It is such an awesome experience to be able to work with a photographer with an eye for the artistic look I always like to capture in my blog photos! Please be sure to check out more of his work here: Photos by Anthony Machcinski His work is beautiful and each photo has a story behind it.


Beauty in the Ruins

It was a damn cold afternoon…but we were determined to get this shoot. There was an upcoming local art show at HiveArtSpace that we wanted to submit to…”Beauty in the Art of Decay”…so off we set to Ruins Park in Glen Rock where we could capture the beautiful graffiti as a background in our shoot. We found the most inspiring art work to shoot with and were set free and given a fire of creativity within ourselves with this artsy shoot. With every shot that I was able to gaze upon the sky, I was given a view of a flock of birds, and with every moment that the sun start to set we were given a new angle. Unfortunately our work wasn’t accepted to the show this time but I am so happy with what we gained out of this shoot either way. Shared below are some of my favorite shots and a little behind the scenes peek of shooting on a cold March afternoon.

“Colorful and Concealed”
Look inward towards your soul for healing. Curl up in your own warm embrace. All you need is there.

“What is Dead May Rise Again”
Rise from the ashes as the phoenix did. Find strength in all your trials and challenges.

“Rising From the Ashes”
With downfall we find new strength. We can find light in the darkest places. The phoenix symbolizes that…be reborn with new glory, courage, and fire!

“The Art of Angles”
A pure perspective will give you power.


Behind the Scenes Sneak Peek:

Tucked behind a big wooden spindle with my little hand warmers trying to hide from the frigid wind between shots.

When your photographer gets a snap of you fixing your hair…

Please be sure to check out more of Anthony’s work here – Photos by Anthony Machcinski His work is beautiful and each photo has a story behind it. I have loved working with him and look forward to more shoots! 

A Snowy Holiday Photo Shoot With Anthony Machcinski

Our first lay of snow of the season in Central Pennsylvania, and I had a photo shoot scheduled… what’s there to do, other than have a blast? There is nothing better than shooting with a photographer that is up for an adventure. So off we set to explore Hershey, PA for a day filled with unexpected props, quirky random sayings (I’m notorious for that), and an afternoon filled with laughter and purpose. 

Our first stop checked in at an old building foundation for a little tree pose practice. I must tell you, it takes a little balance to get into tree pose on a cinder block with a slick of ice on it…but I think we rocked it.

Next, we were off to the park at Chocolate Square. A beautiful little park filled with lights and lots of Christmas cheer. Feelings of being like a little kid again arose from me filling the park with our laughter and joy of the season. 

A quick wardrobe change and a little powder to my nose…

And then we were back out braving the cold for some fun fashion shoots. 

It was a cold, snowy day but it was a magnificent day for a photo shoot with Anthony Machcinski! 

Be sure to check out more of his work at PhotoByChinski and you can surely look forward to more adventurous shoots with him and I.