Workout Wear Wishlist

I am a workout wear fanatic…anyone else? If I’m not in work clothes for the office, nine out of ten times you’ll find me in workout gear. I find it comfortable, I feel confident and good in it and it totally fits my active lifestyle.

My Fall Picks from Reebok:

Long Legging (Running Tights) $75 – I love the sleek design of these and they look ultra comfortable for a nice fall trail run

Workout Ready Supremium 2.0 1/4 Zip Sweatshirt $40 – Fitted so it moves with you during your workout

Cake Today Tank $25 – Because we work to get what we want…like we go to the gym so we can eat cake

Wool Long Sleeve Shirt $60 – Layer up with this staple for a cool day run

Elements Marble Sweatpant $40 – I love these to throw on for a lifting day at the gym

Hero Strong Bra $55 – High support for any sport or work out

Padded Vest $85 – Warm but still gives you the freedom to move as you need to

Floatride Run Sneaker $150 – I am absolutely in love with these sneakers, lightweight but with just the right amount of cushion for a comfortable run and super snazzy style



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9 Reasons I Am In Love With Avocados

With warmer weather in the forecast, Spring finally here, I have been starting to crave those tropical feeling foods. When I was younger, I wouldn’t touch an avocado, fast forward to today and they are one of my favorite foods. Packed with super benefits, tasty, and a great combo to most dishes, avocados have become a staple in my diet.

Avocados are considered a SuperFood because of how high they are in nutrients and studies continue to find new health benefits of it.

Avocados are:

  1. High in healthy fats
  2. Contain no Cholesterol or Sodium
  3. Low in Saturated Fats
  4. High in Fiber
  5. High in Nutrients – Vitamin K, Vitamin C, Vitamin B5, Folate, Vitamin B6, Vitamin E, Potassium (contains more than in a Banana)
  6. Also contain Magnesium, Manganese, Iron, Copper, Zinc, Phosphorus, Vitamin A, B1 (Thiamine), B2 (Riboflavin), and B3 (Niacin)
  7. Shown to help lower Cholesterol and Triglyceride levels
  8. High in antioxidants
  9. Some studies show it has anti-swelling properties that can help reduce symptoms of arthritis
  • Avocados are a great addition to salads
  • Make for a great toast
  • Can be an uplifting snack
  • And…well um guac…yum! 

Recipes to Try:

Avocado Deviled Eggs

Avocado Mozza Puffs

Cucumber Tomato Avocado Salad


* Disclaimer: I am not a nutritionist or a medical professional. These are healthy suggestions based solely on personal experiences, personal opinions, and light research. 

4 Reasons Salmon is a Top Pick for Dinner

The first fish I ate… Salmon…considered a brain food (oh that’s why I’m so smart!) 

  1. Is a great source of high-quality protein
  2. Contains Omega 3 Fatty Acids which have been proven to protect heart health, lower risk for stroke, improve blood lipid patterns and blood vessel function, and help reduce symptoms of immune and inflammatory disorders
  3. High in Vitamins A, B, B6, D, and Vitamin E (which is a powerful antioxidant)
  4. Also contains Calcium, Iron, Zinc, Magnesium, and Phosphorus

Want a quick, tasty and healthy dinner? Check out my Low Cal, Healthy but still Tasty Salmon Recipe!


* Disclaimer: I am not a nutritionist or a medical professional. These are healthy suggestions based solely on personal experiences, personal opinions, and light research. 

7 Wonderful Reasons to Add Almonds to Your Snack Routine

I am a healthy snack fanatic. With the exception of Cheetos, I would choose something fresh over chips any day. I think they taste better and I feel better eating them. This series is all about making that healthier choice. I’ve combined some benefits of some of my favorite power foods with some snacky ideas and recipes in this series to help you fight the temptation of running to the vending machine. This week’s choice – almonds! I will never forget my first time eating a raw almond from the organic stand at the Farmer’s Market – ripping off the green shell to find this beautiful nut inside packed with super powers!

Why eat Almonds?

  1. They help maintain blood sugar levels – which means more consistent energy in the day.
  2. They are considered a good source of fiber and are packed with protein and healthy fats.
  3. They’re considered a power food for the brain. Who doesn’t want a super-charged brain?! Almonds contain riboflavin and L-carnitine which are nutrients that help with neurological activity and help prevent cognitive decline.
  4. They can help reduce hunger which aids in weight loss (or helps prevent weight gain).
  5. They have healthy antioxidants and healthy fats that support overall heart health helping to prevent heart disease and heart attacks.
  6. They are a wonderful resource of Vitamin E and antioxidants (again with those awesome antioxidants!) which promotes healthy skin.
  7. They are high in magnesium. Check this read out for 11 Miraculous Ways Magnesium Heals Your Mind & Body.

Here’s some yummy snack ideas to get you started:

Mix some almonds into a non-fat Greek Yogurt.

Add almonds & bananas to a bowl of (low sugar) cereal.

Have a handful of almonds with some berries.

Spread almond butter on whole wheat toast.

And my favorite – a bunch of raw almonds from market!


* Disclaimer: I am not a nutritionist or a medical professional. These are healthy suggestions based solely on personal experiences, personal opinions, and light research.