Six Ways to Ensure You are Taking Care of Yourself During the Busy Season

Self-care can slide when life gets crazy, especially during the busy holiday season. Some reminders to keep during this hectic time of year to ensure you are still giving yourself the care you need.

  1. Schedule down time for yourself. – Add some “me” time to your calendar to make sure you are getting the time you need to recharge. Set aside time to journal or to take a hot bath to unwind from a busy day.
  2. Balance your diet. – The sugary sweets are all around you this time of year. Staying on track doesn’t mean you can’t indulge a little but make sure to keep it balanced. Pick your favorites and keep the portions in control.
  3. Get enough sleep. – Make sure you are getting to bed at a decent time every night so you can ensure your getting enough rest to keep up with everything going on this time of year. Set an alarm to remind yourself to get ready for bed.
  4. Stick to your budget. – I always find this time of year the easiest time for me to slip with over-spending. With so many great gift ideas out there and lots of holiday outings it’s very easy to slide off plan. Set spending limits for yourself and stick to them, otherwise you may feel the consequences come the New Year.
  5. Keep exercising. – I know it gets tough to keep up going to the gym during this time of year so I find it helpful to add some at home workouts into my schedule.
  6. Set boundaries. – Don’t take on more than your schedule can hold or than you can handle. Don’t be afraid to say no when it becomes too much.

5 Tips to Staying Motivated this Holiday Season

Staying motivated during the holiday season can be tough, especially if we have some extra days off. I find myself wanting to loaf around in my pj’s and fuzzy socks, staying curled up with a cup of hot chocolate and watching Christmas movies all day long…but is that in our best interest? Life gets hectic during this time of year, our to-do lists get longer and we can fall behind…making us tired and somewhat lazy. While I am a big advocate of taking some time to rest and to recoup, do you want to spend all your vacation days doing that? And hey, if you do, all the power to you, but don’t get stuck in the unmotivated loop! I reached out to a pal of mine from the beautiful Sydney, Australia to see what she does to keep motivated during the jovial season. Though, I don’t get the opportunity of a holiday beach day this year, she has some awesome ideas on how to stay merry and motivated! 

How to Stay Motivated During the Holidays

We are officially on the countdown to Christmas! Which means food, presents and relaxation. Christmas and holidays automatically calls for a relaxing lie on the beach or swim in the waves (if you’re down under) or a warm cup of hot chocolate by the fire (if you’re up over!). But it’s so easy for us to take advantage of the few days we have with ourselves that we tend to lose motivation. I’m 100% guilty of this – all I want to do is sleep in till midday and eat myself silly till the new year. But then there’s that alarm bell that goes off in my mind – New Year’s Resolutions! We all want the better part of ourselves to start when the new year does, so here are my top 5 tips to get motivated during the holidays!

  1. Don’t put your gym membership on hold! Yes, that’s right. Just because you have a few days off, doesn’t mean you should place your gym membership on hold. You should actually do the opposite and book in some one on one personal training sessions with all this free time you have! It’s so easy to make excuses as to why you can’t go work out during the festive season. From last minute Christmas shopping to spending time with the family. But putting in the effort to work out just 3 times a week for an hour will make all the difference. The way I see it? The more I work out, the more I’ll be able to eat – and we ALL love to eat, especially during Christmas. So get out there and get in the zone!
  2. Don’t sleep in till 3pm. I can already hear all the cries and screams from you guys. I LOVE my sleep – I could sleep all day and night if I had the chance. But you know that feeling when you wake up from a big night out and you’re totally confused as to what planet you’re on? That feeling can suck! When I was a kid, holidays meant I could sleep late and wake up even later, but this changed ever since I took on my 20’s. Lets just say, I sleep earlier than my mum! Train your body to wake up before 9am on your days off. Trust me, you’ll feel a lot better when you know you have more hours in the day!
  3. Take on a new hobby. This is a fun one! When December hits, I love hitting Kmart stores and buying a bunch of Christmas decorations. My hobby throughout the festive season is decorating my house – from pillow cases to table cloths, from solar lightings in the front yard to wreaths for the door. Taking on a new hobby creates excitement to start something new and learn a different skill!
  4. Give your room/home a makeover. When a new year starts, most of us opt for a new hairstyle or colour, new outfits and new bedsheets. I love giving my room a little makeover. You don’t have to go extravagant! Simply buying a new indoor plant or changing up your picture frames will give your space a sense of difference. This will also keep you busy during your free time!
  5. Spend time with your family and friends. This is probably one that doesn’t need to be said! But it’s so important to remember that Christmas is a time to share – so share your time with the people you love most. Make a gingerbread house or help cook an amazing Christmas feast. Gather round to watch a Christmas movie (Home Alone is my personal favourite!).

And there you have it! My top 5 tips to stay motivated throughout the holidays – they’re not hard to do at all and will definitely keep looking forward to something during your time off. Happy Holidays! ~ Veronica

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