The Power of Hope

The idea of hope came up in a conversation today. I spent part of my hour drive home thinking about it.

Hope. noun – the feeling that what is wanted can be had or that events will turn out for the best. verb – to feel that something desired may happen; to believe, desire, or trust.

The comment made to me was “All we can hold onto is hope.” He was right. We are meant to hold onto hope. Isn’t hope the motivator of so many things that we do in our lives? We buy a lottery ticket because we hope we win. We go to the job interview because we are hoping to get the job. We go on dates hoping to find someone we connect with. We take the medicine hoping to get better. Hope is a big part of our existence. It is why we wake up every morning. It is not an empty thought that we hold onto, it drives us to keep trying every day, to keep at it in our lives.

Isn’t it when we give up hope that we give up? How would we fulfill our lives and our destines without hope? What would drive us to go after our desires and our goals? 

I have a tattoo on my foot that I read to myself quite often, “Faith is hope on fire”. I got the tattoo when I was having a rough time in life. I got it to remind myself to believe; to have faith, to hope, to trust that the best is coming and that everything will work out. Hope is what drives me to work through tough times. It reminds me that things will get better, that rough times are temporary.

In today’s world troubles can be often. Ups and downs are constant in our lives. Hope, faith, and trust will get you through. We must believe in the power of hope. The power that awakens us each morning.

Never give up hope.


Moving Forward…

That shocking, dark spiraling feeling left me choked the evening I was sat down and told I didn’t have a job anymore. I could feel the tears well up in my eyes. I had plans…these plans had just come crashing down in a single moment, with only ten words my life had taken a whirlwind of a turn.

A part of me just wanted to sit, to wallow in the doubt, the wonder of how I was going to survive this hit. I went home that night, I cried, I drank a glass of wine, I prayed, and I went to bed…

The next morning I awoke with an amazing inner strength, a burst of hope, and a promise of positivity.

My last day at the office was nothing other than pleasant. Though some sadness of leaving, also knowing I would be missed by my co-workers gave me joy  to know they cared for me as I had for them.

I had decided that maybe this tough situation wasn’t happening to knock me down but rather to give me the motivation to climb. I knew there were challenges ahead but I also 100% felt sure I was going to overcome them.

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