A Few of my Favorite Things…

A Few of my Favorite Things

A few of my favorite things…some things that bring me joy and peace…

My Favorite Flower – Poppies

My Favorite Colors – Cobalt Blue & Violet

My Favorite Current Song – “Lost Boy” by Ruth B

My Favorite Ice Cream Flavor – Mint Choc Chip

My Favorite Yoga Pose to do – Child Pose – it’s just so relaxing!

My Favorite Scent – Dragon’s Blood

My Favorite Tree – Weeping Willow

My Favorite Animal – Elephants

My Favorite Meditation Music Artists –

Philip Wesley

Dean Evenson

My Favorite Hobbies – Painting and Hiking

Some of my current (healthy) obsessions:

Notebooks – I always have a few on hand. This is the place my mind wanders, my to-do lists go, my ideas and plans start.


Coconut Oil – This stuff is amazing on so many levels…I know there’s a lot of hype in the world about coconut oil but I’m telling you from my experience this stuff is great. I started using it last summer when I ended up with a pretty rough sunburn and continued to use it throughout the year as a lotion and as an eye-makeup remover.

White Hot Truth by Danielle Laporte – My current read is quickly making it to my favorites list. I love Danielle’s straight-forward, real life talk.

Leggings – I make leggings work all year long, snuggle up in the them with a cozy sweater and boots for the winter or go laid back with some flip flops and tanks. I’m pretty sure I’ve collected a pair of leggings for any occasion at this point!

Organic Jamaican Castor Oil – I’ve just started using this in my hair and the results have been amazing. Leaves my hair silky smooth and stronger.

You can check out more of my favorite things and picks on my Favorites Board.

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Learn to Live in the Present

The past is the past.

The future is the future.

But I am here now.


My greatest lesson I have learned (and am still learning to master the practice of it) is to be in the present, to live, to feel, and to embrace the present. We spend so much of our time and our energy thinking about the what if’s and the what will be’s that we miss so much of what is happening right in front of us or to us at that very moment. There is a quote that I recite when I find myself falling down that thought cycle –

“If you are depressed, you are living in the past. If you are anxious, you are living in the future. If you are at peace, you are living in the present.” by Lao Tzu  

That quote is so true. If we dwell on the past, we cannot heal. If we worry about the future, then we miss what we are supposed to be experiencing at the exact moment. When we clear our minds and live in the present then we get exactly what we need. We sometimes just have to trust the Universe that everything will come to us at the time it is supposed to and that everything that does come to us has a purpose. Since I’ve focused on being in the moment I have experienced so much more freedom and happiness. It has been one of the greatest lessons of my life.