10 Must Have Items for This Year’s Winter Weather

#1 – Hurraw! Black Cherry Lip Balm

Lip Balm for chapped lips. I always find that my lips get a bit chapped during the winter so I keep lip balm on hand at all times. Apply several times throughout the day. This Hurraw lip balm is 100% organic and has just a hint of tint to add some color.

#2 – Little Barn Apothecary Cocao + Chamomile Cream Cleanser 

It is so important to wash your face every day, especially during the winter when the cold winds are wreaking havoc on your face. Make sure to get all the makeup and oils off of your face every evening so that your face can breathe a little. This beautifully scented cleanser is all natural and is great for any skin type, include sensitive, and also removes eye makeup.

#3 – Moisturizers

The cold, dry winter air will quickly dry out your skin. Make sure to moisturize daily to help your skin stay smooth and quenched. S.W. Basics Cream is packed with organic extra-virgin coconut and olive oil with a shea butter base to sink into your skin and stay there keeping your thirsty skin happy all day long. Another great pick is Mullein & Sparrow Lavender Blossom Body Oil which is designed for the ultimate luxury and healing treatment.

#4 – Orglamix Illume Cream Luminizer

Just because it’s winter doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice your glow. This cream luminizer is vegan, cruelty-free and leaves a beautiful dewy finish.



#5 – Beanie & Scarf

A must have set for the below freezing days this year. Bundle up and do good with the Hayden Scarf and Adriana Beanie from Krochet Kids intl. whose mission is to empower people to rise above poverty by providing life-changing job opportunities to women in need. The Adriana Beanie is thoughtfully crafted in Peru from alpaca, acrylic and wool to keep your head nice and cozy during the cold months. The beautiful chic striped acrylic Hayden Scarf will keep you nice and warm while filling your heart with warm, fuzzy feelings.

#6 – Cupshe Somewhere Out There Lapel Coat

Every winter deserves a good coat. Hit the town in this fleece lined number with big lapel for an edgy look.

#7 – Cupshe Make It Real Solid Dress

One of my favorite looks for the cooler months is to pair a great fitting long sleeve dress with tights or leggings and some tall boots. Goes from the office to a night out with ease.


#8 – Cozy Sweaters

Must must must haves for Winter is a pile of cozy sweaters to grab and go. You can be both warm and chic this year with the Gray High Neck Knit Sweater and White Off Shoulder Knit Sweater from Cupshe.



#9 – Wine

There’s something sentimental about enjoying a cup of wine with friends and family over dinner during the Winter. A time to relish in old memories and moments while you sip on a rich glass of Magic Door Sauvignon BlancLot 138 Chardonnayor Alexander Valley Cabernet Sauvignon.

#10 – Teatulia Black Tea

Besides all the wonderful health benefits that tea has, a good cup of hot tea can help warm you up on the extra chilly days. Curl up with a great book with a cup of yummy organic hot tea.



All opinions are my own. This post contains affiliate links, which means I receive payments for leads/sales. For more information please reference my disclosure page.

My 10 Winter Essentials for Surviving the Blue Months

Let’s say I’m one of those types that thrives better in warmer climates…yet I live in the crazy-can’t make up it’s mind about weather state of Pennsylvania so come January it gets a little chilly around here. From January through March we get to enjoy the beautiful scenery of freezing rain and the occasional peaceful snow dump. Don’t get me wrong, I love snow, it’s beautiful – at first…then it turns into a slushy mess – and I’m just not feeling the so cold temperatures we get around here. I try and rebel so much against winter that I have flip flops with fuzzy soft sheepskin lining. But with all that said, Winter still comes every year so I make a point to survive and be happy about it.

All opinions are my own. This post contains affiliate links, which means I receive payments for leads/sales. For more information please reference my disclosure page

My Winter Essentials:

1.  A cup of hot tea (when I say a cup, cups of tea) – nothing feels better than having a warm mug of hot tea between my hands when I’m feeling chilly and tea is so soothing and calming.

2. Fuzzy socks – let’s be real here, as soon as I get home the fuzzy socks come out of the drawer and on my feet they go!

3. Organic Coconut Oil & Lip Balm – the cold weather is rough on my skin and my face so I make sure to provide my skin and lips with lots of extra moisture. Coconut oil is amazing, it leaves my skin feeling soft and smooth and it smells great. Just heat it up a little (it typically comes in a jar in solid form) and slather it on – note though, it can get messy so pour a little in your palms over the sink and apply a little at a time.

4. Beanies – I keep a beanie with me at all times. Always have to keep my head warm. I love my beyond Beanie alpaca blend hat – it doesn’t mess up my hair much either which is great for when I’m heading into the office. The best thing about beyond Beanie is that I am giving back with my purchase. Use promo code LROMBERGER15 for 15% off!

5. A great pair of boots – I think it may be a requirement to have a pair of boots in Pennsylvania. With the icy conditions we get, it is key to be able to stable yourself. But boots are also a great winter style trend. I am working on a little bit of collection of boots. I have my suede boots, my heeled boots, my wine colored booties, my every day booties, and my equestrian boots (which are probably my favorite because I can wear them with almost anything and they are super comfy!)

6. A good book – Reading helps me continue to dream in adventures during the colder months. I can’t get outside quite as much when it’s cold so reading gives me the opportunity to escape. I also love to use this time that I’m hibernated in the house to focus on self-development and growth and there are lots of great books out there to catch up on that. I’m currently reading “You are a Badass: How To Stop Doubting Your Greatness and Start Living An Awesome Life” by Jen Sincero – this book is awesomely inspiring and motivating. Jen speaks in a very real tone which I find easy to relate to.

7. Leggings – I almost live in these during the winter. I wear them around the house with my fuzzy socks and a sweatshirt, I wear them with my boots and a sweater for lunch with my friends, I wear them with a sweater dress to the office…and of course I have my workout leggings for the gym. I’ve got a pair of leggings for everything.

8. My Sand Cloud Towel – this is super soft and is wonderful for wrapping up in when I’m sitting at my computer writing a blog post or curled up with my book. And it’s got that great bonus of going towards a good cause too! Shop Sand Cloud Towels and save 25% by using promo code RoLaura25

9. A comforting candle – nothing beats the warm glow and beautiful scent of a candle on a cold day – okay some things beat it but it’s pretty wonderful. (You can see a theme here) I love to light a candle and curl up in my leggings with my Sand Cloud towel with a good book…I’m telling you winter is a great time to cozy up and project yourself.

10. A cozy blanket scarf – this is a must have for me, and finding it is especially key to wear to the office…and in the office. They keep our office about as warm as a refrigerator!

As much as a winter person I may not be, I refuse to let the cold get me down, no winter blues here! I keep my arsenal of tools for joy and to stay cozy and warm and snug as a bug to keep a smile on my face…and I remind myself, “This is only temporary, Spring will be here soon.” <3

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