A little bit of this and a little bit of that… you’ll find posts about food, posts about meditation, posts about crafting and painting, posts to inspire you. I’m in a little bit of everything. I’ll write about my personal growth, I’ll write about my adventures, I’ll write about what keeps me going and what inspires me, Self-Care, Self-Love,  my plans to take on the world, or my quiet times.  I want to share a real life story with you.

Some series to look forward to: 

  • Eat This, Not That  Healthy snacks and Power Foods – Weekly
  • Friday Fashion Picks – Styles and Sales – Weekly
  • Photography/Fashion Shoots – Monthly
  • #ArtThursday Posts – therapy and inspiration through art – Being Revamped
  • Book Club – Tailored Reading Lists and book reviews – Monthly
  • Grandmother’s Recipe Box – – recipes from my Grandmother – Monthly
  • And coming soon – Stories of The Motivated – interviews with small business owners and entrepreneurs – TBD

Please note that this blog is directed towards adults. Though I’m typically pretty PG/PG-13, some posts and content may contain adult content. Please be mindful of that. 

~ Laura

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