Monday is only 24 Hours long

Oh Mondays… I would have thought that Mondays would feel different now that I’m unemployed but they really don’t. That awful “Monday Morning Stress” feeling still creeps up on me. I still have that “should I have embraced the weekend differently, could I have gotten more done?” thought on my mind when I wake up.

I find myself now not in a routine to get up, get dressed, and go to the office and left feeling slightly empty without it. I’ve been considering a life and career change for awhile but wasn’t anticipating the decision to be placed in front of me not by my own hand. The biggest challenge I’ve been facing is in creating a new routine for myself. For years now, I’ve been the kind of girl that 90% of my life is my work and now I am feeling a little without purpose.

So I’ve started practicing Yoga (and am very much in the beginning stages, anxious to jump to the next stage) and meditation which has been a great addition to my day. I downloaded a free app called 7 Minutes Yoga and have been adding a pose per day from The 31-Day Yoga Challenge from (Love this site for fitness and health tips and advice!). I’ve been at it a week now and am already feeling more strength and flexibility, however I think the most benefit I have been receiving from the practice is through the meditation. I am generally a very positive person and I strive to continue to find opportunity and joy in everything. Adding meditation to my day has helped me continue that thought process even through the stress.

This time has been giving me the chance to really evaluate my life and what I really want out of it. Though losing my job is causing financial stress, I’ve gained in more ways – more time for my son, more focus on myself, and the chance to redirect my life towards I path that will be fulfilling to me spiritually.

Today I awoke with the “Ugh Monday” feeling but by the afternoon I have changed my outlook…and tomorrow is Tuesday!

P.S. always open your drapes and let the sunshine in!


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