“I am strong, I am capable, I will succeed.”

“I am strong, I am capable, I will succeed.” – my daily mantra.

As I reform my life and my direction I continue to create a routine to create strength, courage, and calmness to help me achieve my goals. How I start my days now:

  1. Pour a cup of coffee – I saw a quote online the other day that read, “Coffee is my spirit animal” – that is so true for me!

  2. Clean out my emails – delete junk mail, read immediate pressing matters, and organize inspirational/project ones into a folder for quiet time later.

  3. I read three inspiring quotes or articles. Then I retweet/tweet one, post on facebook, and post on instagram. This helps me to keep my presense in the world (social media world) and helps me to work towards one of my end goals – hopefully inspiring others.

  4. I then go complete my morning Yoga & Meditation – today I did it outside, it is a beautiful morning!

  5. I take a picture of something beautiful and share – “Find Beauty in Something Every Day.”

This is part of my mother’s garden with her serenity cat statue – perfect for doing Yoga & Meditation next to!

serenity cat

This routine calms me and focuses me and fills me with inner strength to take on whatever the day may bring.

“Carpe Diem!”

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