My Bucket List…and why I made One

Having a bucket list is the trendy thing to do right? I used to think so a little bit (and don’t get me wrong, I do love to be a little trendy sometimes) but this is one I wish I had jumped on the band wagon a long time ago… I’ve always been kind of a free spirit but I was a boxed in one for awhile. Last year I had some trials that broke me and boy am I glad they did. The great thing about breaking is you get to decide how to put everything back together again…so among many other things I made a bucket list. It’s more than just a list (and I love lists and post it notes too! – this is something people learn about me pretty quickly – you can witness this in a previous post, my Instagram challenge post – pic of my quotes wall covered with post it notes! Sorry – I’m rambling and getting off track here…) So a bucket list, so much more than just a list, it’s a place you can organize your goals, your wanted and awaiting adventures, it’s a place to put your dreams… and you can put a little box next to each line that is fun to check off when you get it accomplished too! My bucket list has small things and it has big things and it is continuously growing which makes it evergreen. It’s a place I can organize all those crazy thoughts and ideas that run through my mind, it’s a place that I look for ideas and inspiration when I feel stuck, it’s a place I can mix freedom with organization, a perfect collection of tasks waiting to be touched…so without further ado – here is my bucket list (it’s a bit long because I’m a shoot for the moon kind of gal):

  • Make a Bucket List – check! did it!
  • Catch a Marlin, have it mounted for display.
  • Write & Publish a Book.
  • Learn to Belly Dance.
  • See A Broadway Show in NYC.
  • Visit Thailand.
  • Own a Boutique/Art Gallery.
  • Become a Certified Crystal Healer.
  • Complete a Smash Book.
  • Make a Dream Catcher.
  • Have some of my paintings in an Art Show – check! Yay!
  • Visit California.
  • Visit Colorado.
  • Create an Art Journal.
  • See the Northern Lights.
  • Here’s an interesting one – Go in a Sensory Deprivation Tank.
  • Go to the World Cup.
  • Go see an Oprah Show.
  • Ride an elephant.
  • Go on a hot air balloon ride – P.S. I’m terrified of heights so this is a big one, but hey My Mom and my Grandpa did it so let’s conquer this one!
  • Learn to play violin, guitar, or piano.
  • Go horseback riding on the beach – fairytalish right!
  • Paint a self-portrait.
  • Get my passport – seems simple right, just never got around to it, so task added!
  • Go to a Pittsburgh Penguins Game.
  • Go on a Mission Trip.

Let’s stop there…it goes on…I’m a dreamer, it happens, but we’ll save it for another post another day ; )  We’ll end today with a thought inspired from a painting of mine… “when you’re in water, swim. when you’re in the air, fly!”

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