Wild but Stable

We are raised that there is either wild or there is civilized. We always have to make an ultimate choice. Why can’t we be a healthy mix of both? Why can’t we be wild & free and stable & strong all at the same time? I like to think of myself as a free spirit, a free thinker but I need an organized world to dance in. I enjoy spontaneity but I also find I thrive in routine. I need a balance of both in my life. I need the space to run when I feel the need to be wild but I need the safe warmth of structure. It’s like having a clean, organized house with a big backyard to play in. Why can’t our lives embody that idea? I believe in having an open mind, understanding that everyone has their own path, but withholding strong values and striving towards making positive choices. I believe in a balance of work and play. So be responsible, follow your routine, but let go once in awhile, yell at the top of your lungs, take that jump now and again, run through the sprinkler, have that extra glass of wine every now and then, sleep late on a weekend, have a lazy Sunday…live life to the fullest…be wild, be free, but remember to be stable, and be balanced.

“Be a goofball. It’s healthy for the soul.”


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