Friday Night Coloring

About 5pm my Friday night plans changed…my plans were to curl up with my son and watch a movie but then I get a text asking if he can go to a friend’s house for the night…those teenage years are coming…guess that’s the road I’m going to have to cross whether I’m ready or not, the time in a boy’s life when hanging out with mom just isn’t as cool…so I grabbed that not-so-healthy fast food salad and fries and headed home to feed the animals, put on my sweats and have been spending the night coloring. It’s funny how it all works out though.

On my way home I was having a little bit of a feeling down moment, knowing I’d be spending my night alone, feeling tired from the go-go-go week I had had. I was sitting at a red light and I looked up and saw the new buds of Spring sprouting gently on the branches of a bare tree. It was at that moment that I was reminded of the new energy and hope all around us. It brought me back to a place of peace and serenity that I needed to be in.

If I look in the right places I will always find what I need. I trust that the universe will always provide for me. That short moment at the red light reminded me of that.

So tonight I didn’t worry about everything going on in life, I just curled up and colored. I thought only of the white space to input the color from my markers. I let go tonight.

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