A Snowy Holiday Photo Shoot With Anthony Machcinski

Our first lay of snow of the season in Central Pennsylvania, and I had a photo shoot scheduled… what’s there to do, other than have a blast? There is nothing better than shooting with a photographer that is up for an adventure. So off we set to explore Hershey, PA for a day filled with unexpected props, quirky random sayings (I’m notorious for that), and an afternoon filled with laughter and purpose. 

Our first stop checked in at an old building foundation for a little tree pose practice. I must tell you, it takes a little balance to get into tree pose on a cinder block with a slick of ice on it…but I think we rocked it.

Next, we were off to the park at Chocolate Square. A beautiful little park filled with lights and lots of Christmas cheer. Feelings of being like a little kid again arose from me filling the park with our laughter and joy of the season. 

A quick wardrobe change and a little powder to my nose…

And then we were back out braving the cold for some fun fashion shoots. 

It was a cold, snowy day but it was a magnificent day for a photo shoot with Anthony Machcinski! 

Be sure to check out more of his work at PhotoByChinski and you can surely look forward to more adventurous shoots with him and I.

19 thoughts on “A Snowy Holiday Photo Shoot With Anthony Machcinski

  1. Awww, those photos came out awesome. He is a very talented photographer. You must be so happy with the results.

  2. These pictures looks so Christmassy!!! I am currently in Spain but I can’t wait to get to Norway for NYE! I think I will try to rock some poses like yours, it looks like so much fun!

    Carlota | TheWandereuse.com

  3. I have a friend who lives in Hershey and loves it there! They go to Hershey Park every week and I can’t imagine how cold it is there right now! Cute pictures!

  4. Holiday photo shoots are always the best. I love sending my kids outside to snap some cute pictures of them! Such great memories!

  5. It is always so fun to have pictures taken like this where you can be yourself! You’re lucky to have a photog like that!

    • I do love snow but I’m definitely more of a warm weather kind of girl lol I like the snow that comes, snows you in, and then goes away and gets sunny and warm!

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