2016 In Review

2016 was about finding inspiration and motivation in my life, 2017 will be about making things happen. I put building blocks in place, started gathering my tools for success, started pulling together my tribe – 2016 had its struggles and its sorrows but it has amazingly putting me right where I need to be to enter 2017 and that is such an inspiring feeling. Wonderful things came into play last year (so weird to say that already!) which helped shape me to where I am today, the first day of a beautiful and magical New Year!











Recap of some of my adventures:

  • Rode in a bi-plane! – Check out my thoughts on my experience here: The Feeling of Flight
  • Hiked and Biked the beautiful Rail Trail in Marietta
  • Started enjoying craft beers (this sounds like a silly one but I was so anti-beer lol)
  • Made some really awesome friends
  • Had my artwork in three shows – and sold two pieces this year!
  • Learned to find beauty in everything
  • Went to a ComicCon
  • Went to see the Harlem Globetrotters
  • Saw a bunch of great plays
  • Dove back into my blog and am going at it with major serious business
    • Went from 212 monthly views/138 visitors to 2,126 views/1,226 visitors
    • Switched to a web hosting site, which was a much surprised smooth & pleasant switch with Siteground
    • Started exploring sponsorship opportunities and affiliate marketing. I’ve found that ShareaSale has great opportunities.

2016 was about learning to feel things again, to live life fully, go beyond fear and go after what I want to happen in my life. The year taught me how to be strong again, stand on my own, and be true to myself. I learned that I have a story for everything and that I am actually a very interesting person and I have a lot to share with the world.

Top 10 Blog Posts of 2016:

  1.   Tidying Up For A New Year
  2.  Angel of Strength
  3.  My Guilty Pleasure – Shopping For A Cause – Winter 2016 Causebox Review
  4.  A Snowy Holiday Photo Shoot With Anthony Machcinski
  5.  Lazy, Cozy, and Chill Fashion Picks
  6.  How To Use Your Emotions To Heal: Feel It, Relish It, Then Let It Go
  7.  “Dream Within Meditation” Remembered and Reflected Upon
  8.  I Do Not Want To Be Finished…I Want To Be The Mess
  9.  10 Simple Morning Self-Care Routines For A Great Day
  10.  Despite All Odds: Inspiration From Kylie Travers

 I am so excited to continue to grow in 2017, I just know that wonderful things are awaiting me on my path! Thank you to all of my readers, my friends, my mother, and my son for being so amazingly supportive and motivating!

Cheers to a Magical and Marvelous New Year!

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40 thoughts on “2016 In Review

  1. Wow, what a year you’ve had! That’s awesome that you went to Comic Con! I’ve gone for 10 years now and it’s still always one of the highlights of my year! I hope you’ll go again!

  2. I was definitely anti-beer before I started drinking craft beer too 🙂 We have a little shop downtown that sells all kinds of unique craft beers, it is fun to visit.

    • It’s been a lot of fun getting into the craft beers! I’ve found that it’s also an experience not just about the drink. It’s like a mini adventure every time I visit a brewery and it’s been fun having a group of friends to try new beers with.

  3. Sounds like you did a lot of great things in 2016. Congrats on all your work accomplishments like gaining more monthly views, having your artwork in shows and exploring sponsorship opps. I hope 2017 brings even more good things for you!

  4. Excited for your healthy habits challenge to start out 2017! I need to reboot my routines and get in gear. And healthier. So, your tips will be a great resource!

  5. It sounds like you have had a wonderful year full of personal and professional growth and had some fantastic adventures along the way! Congratulations on the amazing growth you have had with your blog, and I hope 2017 is another wonderful year for you.

    • Hi Kecia,

      I found reflecting on my past year really helped me organize my goals for 2017. It let me see how far I’ve come and decide on the best next action steps for this year!

  6. OMG so many of your adventures are things I want to do and I feel like my 2016 was a set up for doing those things in 2017. I hope this is a most amazing year for you!!

    • Thanks! I hope you have an amazing 2017 as well! You have a very inspiring story and I’m sure you will be able to make anything happen for yourself! Cheers to a wonderful and magical year!

  7. What a productive year you had!! Here is to a happy 2017! I have SiteGround as well and absolutely love them! They helped me once when I completely messed up my blog and was close to a panic attack! Yay for them having backups!

    • I love them too. They are very patient with bloggers which is so relieving. I spent 45 minutes on the online chat asking questions before moving my blog, I was so nervous!

  8. Thanks so much for sharing this. It’s admirable. I started writing down my 2016 accomplishments too and was happy! Can’t wait to improve.

  9. I love looking back and reflecting on years past. You realize how blessed you are and how many things you’ve really gotten to do!!

  10. Seems like you’ve had quite the year, I’ve been trying to get tickets for ComicCon for 2 years , you’re so lucky 🙂 I tried to do a year in review but 2016 was such a boring year for me it would be like 3 lines max.

    • Thanks! It was a mini local ComicCon but was still so fun. It’s so fun how everyone dresses up and there were a lot of great authors there too so I was able to pick up some new books! My son loved it, we have a love for super heroes : ) I even had my face painted as Mrs. Frankenstein lol

  11. Wow, you’ve done so much in the last year!! I’ve wanted to go to a ComicCon — I bet that was fun. I hope your new year is even better!

  12. Looks like you’ve accomplished a lot in the past year! Here’s to hoping you’ll do more this new year! 2016 was like a roller coaster ride for me, but it ended well!

  13. It seems like it was a super successful year for you! Congrats on the blog stats — it’s such a dramatic change!! Also three art shows a year – wow that’s so amazing!!

    It’s my dream to attend comiccon one day too!

  14. Nice recap of the year! I love seeing these. Nice that you’re loving craft beers, we brew our own and if you get chance I’d recommend trying it. Maybe add ‘made our own craft beer’ to 2017’s list!

  15. It looks like you had an amazing year! I’m the most curious about the bi-plane you talk about! What in the world is that!? We travel all the time and would love to try something new!

    • It was more of a joy ride than a travel. It was in an old fashioned plane – no windows. It was amazing! I wrote a post about it called “The Feeling of Flight” and included pictures. It was such a life changing experience for me!

      The Feeling of Flight

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