7 Reasons Yogurt is My Favorite Snack Now

My new snack obsession is Fage’ Greek Yogurt…with the fresh fruit toss in. A snack I don’t go most days without, these are great to take to the office with me and squeeze in for a mid-morning eat during one of my many conference calls. Besides loving the taste of these I know that I am fueling my body with a snack that shares many health benefits and helps me stay in control of my diet.


  1. Yogurt is high in protein.
  2.  Contains probiotics that aid in healthy gut functions.
  3. Packed with vitamins such as potassium, Vitamin D, Vitamins B5 and B12, phosphorus, and zinc.
  4. Studies show it may help reduce risk of high blood pressure.
  5. Helps keep you fuller.
  6. Helps boost the immune system.
  7. Is a good source of calcium.

There are so many varieties of yogurt out there so you everyone can find one to their taste (even me and I’m super picky!). Just be sure to keep an eye on how much sugar they contain.







* Disclaimer: I am not a nutritionist or a medical professional. These are healthy suggestions based solely on personal experiences, personal opinions, and light research. 

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