14 Lovely Health Benefits of the Aphrodisiac Oysters

Oysters are notorious for being a natural aphrodisiac, so much that they lose some of their clout for being a powerful health food. Get your romance on and stay healthy with this wonderful treat. 

1. Boosts metabolic activity.

2. Helps lower cholesterol levels.

3. High in antioxidants.

4. High in protein.

5. Energy boosting.

6. Promotes healthy skin.

7. Mood boosting.

8. Improves brain function.

9. Good for the eyes.

10. Promotes blood circulation.

11. Beneficial for healing wounds.

12. Helps prevent osteoporosis.

13. Strengthens immune system.

 14. Improves heart health. 

Get Cooking with these Oyster Recipes from Food Network.

* Disclaimer: I am not a nutritionist or a medical professional. These are healthy suggestions based solely on personal experiences, personal opinions, and light research. 

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