14 “Me” Dates For Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day can bring controversial feelings to many singles but it doesn’t have to. Love comes in so many forms and in so many areas of our lives. Valentine’s Day is about celebrating that love in all places. 

This year will be the first Valentine’s Day in a bit that I’m on my own but that doesn’t mean I won’t be celebrating the holiday this year. I’ll be diving right in to the celebrations even so, actually this year I’ve decided to make Valentine’s Day about me and the self-love I am continuously cultivating in my life.  

1.) Light some candles, grab a book (My choice this month is “Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear” by Elizabeth Gilbert) and hop into a relaxing bubble bath.

2.) Take a cooking class.

3.) Send yourself flowers. Include a special self-love message on the card. My post You Are A Magical, Beautiful Being: 15 Affirmations For Self-Love has some ideas for you <3.

 4.) Go to a yoga class.

5.) Visit a museum or an art gallery.

6.) Have a personal wine and paint night – Pour yourself a glass of wine, grab a blank canvas, some brushes, a Pinterest image or tutorial (Here’s some inspiration – Pinterest – Art Project Ideas & Inspiration), and pick your colors!

7.) Take yourself out to a movie or go see a play at your local theater.

8.) Dress up and head out to a fancy wine bar. Toast to you and all your magnificence!

9.) Have a puppy and me date – Take a long walk with your pup, get some special treats for him/her.

10.) Make yourself a fancy dinner, set the table, light a candle, and play some soothing music.

11.) Put on your favorite tunes and dance like a fool in your living room!

12.) Have a movie marathon in the comfort of your pj’s.

13.) Go for a hike. Make it a photo tour. Take in the beauty of the nature around you.

14.) Visit a bookstore – Pick up some books and curl up with a cup of coffee in their cafe.

4 thoughts on “14 “Me” Dates For Valentine’s Day

    • I will admit I totally do that all of the time too but I do try and and get a dinner for one at least once a month at the table, leaving my laptop in my room to separate myself from work. Helps give me a little mindful time <3 I should do it more often though ; )

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