Dandelion Wishes & What They Do For Us

Wishes make me think of dandelions…like when we were young and we would grab as many as we could gather in our hands and blow the seeds around and send out the simplest wishes. Wishes are magical sparks that dance around our mind like sparklers. They are the easy breeze that blows through the leaves. They are the little blocks that make up our dreams. Wishes are like little fairies skipping through our imagination.

wishes: plural noun : desires or hope for something to happen

Our wishes change as we grow. When I was little I wished to grow a mermaid tail and I wished for wings. As I grew older I wished for a family. Now as I pursue my life goals, I wish for success and drive. My wishes become dreams which become goals which become building blocks for my life. I find that having wishes keeps me feeling alive and keeps me motivated. I still wish upon shooting stars, I still make a wish each year on my birthday, and every now and then I still grab a dandelion. I believe that to keep dreams alive we must keep our wishes alive. Wishes can give us perspective, they can give us hope, and most of all they give us the magical spark we need in life. 

I wish to be surrounded with vibrant colors.

I wish to have great adventures in life.

I wish to fill my life with love.

I wish to own a boutique and art gallery.

I wish to be an author.

I wish to be an artist. 

I wish to be the mother that my son can look up to for inspiration. 

I wish every night for a good night’s sleep.

I wish to stay healthy for a long time.

I have many wishes and each day I add a new wish, and each day I keep working towards making my wishes come true.

What wishes do you have and what are you doing to make those wishes come true? 

Today’s #LoveBlog2017 prompt was wishes. This prompt spun me back to childhood memories <3

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