My Plans for Lent 2017

Last year I gave up all meat for the six weeks of lent – which resulted in me replacing it with carbs – I wasn’t as disciplined as I should have been and I didn’t get what I wanted out of Lent last year other than proving to myself I could not eat meat for six weeks. This year I want to practice in a way that is truly meaningful and purposeful to me and to my life. I’ve been feeling rather in a bit of a rut the past couple of weeks and Lent couldn’t have come at a better time. This year I have chosen to not only give up but to also add to my life during Lent.

– No Clutter: Each day I will rid an item that doesn’t bring value to my life.

– No liquor: Just don’t need the calories or the trouble it can bring.

– No Meat on Fridays: I’m going to go traditional on this one. I think the practice will be good for me to understand the sacrifice of Lent and will also push me to be more creative and explorative with my meals.

– No Negativity: This is the biggest driver of stress in our lives. I don’t want to live my life stressed out and anxious. So for Lent, I will give great focus to turning every negative thought into a positive outlook and opportunity.

– I will add Meditation daily into my routine.

– I will exercise daily.

– I will read and recite an affirmation or mantra daily.

You do not have to Catholic, or even Christian to practice Lent. In today’s age, many people practice Lent as a community, or to improve their own spirituality and inner strength. I respect this holiday and practice as a whole and I believe we should be able to openly share it. 

How will you be practicing Lent this year? 

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