10 Ways To Stay Fit During the Winter

Staying fit during the cooler months can be tough. We have shorter days and lose our sunshine in the evenings…the air gets frigid …we get busier during the holiday season…the list goes on. Here’s 10 places you can turn to to stay fit during the colder months. 

  1. Join the gym – sounds easy if you can stay disciplined to get your butt there. This has its pros and its cons if you’re someone with time constraints.
  2. Create a home gym – I stocked up on some stuff to squeeze work out time in at home. Check out ProSource for all you need to build an at-home routine. ProSource is my go-to spot for all the stuff I need to cross-train at home and with great quality and at awesome prices + free shipping on all orders over $39.
  3. Use YouTube videos to work out at home. 
  4. Online Yoga Classes – I love Yoga during the winter. It keeps my blood flowing, keeps me relaxed during the stressful holiday season and keeps me feeling energized even when I start to hit the winter blues. MyYogaWorks has a class for everyone and with this special link you can try two weeks free.
  5. Follow a Pinterest Routine – I am a collector of routines from Pinterest! See some of my favorites on my Fitness Board.
  6. Have a big office? Map out a walking course in your office and take a few laps during your lunch break. 
  7. Phone Apps – My current go-to’s are Asana Rebel and 10 Daily Yoga Poses.
  8. Commercial Drills – Curled up watching your favorite seasonal shows? Every commercial break, do 10 crunches, 10 jumping jacks, 10 push-ups, 10 leg raises, 25 arm circles, and 10 squats.
  9. Brave the cold – Can’t say this is my favorite being a warmer weather soul but bundle up and hit a track at a local school track during their off hours or go for a trail run.
  10. Virtual Runs – This kind of falls under #1 and #9 but it’s a great motivator to keep running during the winter. Sign up for a virtual run and hit the treadmill to stay on track. Virtual Strides is a great place to find runs that also support charities.


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