My Minimalism Challenges: Getting Started & Making Progress

Minimalism is a way of life that I look up to. I love the freedom that comes with the simpler lifestyle but changing my lifestyle comes with a set of challenges. I’ve been working towards minimalism going on almost a year now and maybe I tried to take on too much change at one time. Learning not to expect too much from myself at one time has been a process. I have to recognize where I am in my life right now, my current environment and make adequate steps into the right direction, not expect it to all happen at one time. 

I’ve decided to start with three challenges:

Challenge #1 – Clothes.

When I was young, I dreamed of being a fashion designer and of owning a clothing store, I love clothes. I prefer not to wear the same outfit twice…this department is a toughie for me but I’m working on it! I go through my clothes at the beginning of every season now and focus on thinning out each time and only purchasing items that are classics or that I’m in love with. This past weekend, I bit the grit and posted items that I haven’t worn or rarely wear onto Poshmark (want to sell your own stuff – visit Poshmark to sign up and use referral code @gingergoose – I made $100 this weekend!). So here’s my thought process – some of the clothes I listed are still hanging in my closet – like the J Crew jean jacket I had to have two years ago and still have yet to wear – if they sell then they’re gone, if I wear it and decide to keep it then I pull it down from Poshmark. This helps push me into a ‘let it go’ thought process. 

 Challenge #2 – Building minimalist thought patterns and slowing down to focus on one thing at a time.

Unfortunately I don’t have a lot of minimalist thinking folks around me so the influence is limited for me. It is up to me to change my thought patterns to see the world from a less materialistic point of view. I spent much of my life with the ideas that paying more for convenience was the daily norm and that having a gadget for all your needs was the way to go but I yearn for a simpler life. I find that I think and function better in a less cluttered space. I have the passion and desire to live a ‘less stuff’ lifestyle but I find myself challenged in how to go about it. I challenge myself to become more educated about the beliefs and the practices of minimalism. I challenge myself to listen to Podcasts weekly. I also challenge myself to sit and watch The Minimalist documentary without multitasking.

Challenge #3 – Focus on adding more experiences and less stuff to my life.

It has become a habit to spend money every day. I want to break this habit. The next couple of months I want to focus on highlighting experiences and less on stuff. I want to go to an event without coming home with souvenirs and learn to choose to take a walk instead of buying something online…habit change.

Physical Goals for the Month:

  1. De-clutter one area per week.
  2. Dispose of or donate at least five items that I don’t use per week.
  3. Listen to at least one minimalism podcast or read one minimalism article/post per week.


Thinking about minimalism for yourself? This is a great post to get started: What is Minimalism?


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