10 Simple Ways to De-Stress & Celebrate the Season

  1. Take a relaxing bath with seasonal scents. Pour a glass of wine and just take the time to think of all you are thankful for this year.
  2. Take a walk around your neighborhood and look at all the Christmas decorations and lights or bundle up and take a stroll at a local park.
  3. Sit and color or get crafty and make DIY Holiday cards for your loved ones.
  4. Have dinner with a close friend and catch up.
  5. Grab a cozy blanket and veg out and Netflix binge watching Holiday movies.
  6. Journal about what you love about the Holidays.
  7. Listen to Christmas music and sing along in your car. Studies have shown that singing out loud have some meditative properties!
  8. Diffuse essential oils while you wrap gifts.
  9. Curl up and read an inspirational book.
  10. Have a game night with the family.

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