Why a Simple Start to Fitness is Sometimes the Best Start

On Monday, my Mom and I kicked off our ‘Project Skinny’! It marked the start of our “diet”. And to getting our butts back on track to shake the weight we gained over the Winter. Which yes, I refer to as my hibernation months. But it’s now almost May and hibernation is long over. It’s about feeling good again and regaining our energy for the fun Summer months ahead.

It’s a pretty simple set up. For our busy schedules, we needed simple. Otherwise we weren’t going to stick to it. If we felt overwhelmed then it wasn’t going to happen. We had to be real about it.

Accountability is key.

I created a simple chart in my notebook for us. Weigh-ins every Sunday. Chat about our challenges and our wins. Every night we have to check in with each other. Spill the beans of if we followed our diet, if we drank our water, and if we exercised.

How I kicked off.

I started off with a 2 day cleanse which left me feeling aaaa-mazing. It wasn’t any of those crazy no food cleanses. Hangry is not a good look on me. I rocked the It Works cleanse that my girl Taylor hooked me up with. Yes she is my friend and yes I love her but no I’m not preaching just because she’s selling. I’m actually enjoying the products and I feel really good on them! Secret amazing stuff – the Greens Blend and the Keto Coffee is delicious and super energizing (without the funky jitters).

I needed something that could easily fit into my busy schedule and these products have been fantastic for that!

Okay, okay, I’m done pitching.

So Tuesday, I got my butt on the ArcTrainer for a half hour. Yes, there were a few moments that I was like, “um, no, I’d like to quit”. But I didn’t quit! Got some crunches in some of the other days.

It’s a bit of a slower start than I planned but it’s all in the right direction. And honestly it was the start I needed. I’m making progress and I’m feeling successful. This is motivating! Next week, the plan is to kick it up a notch!

And since it’s that time of the month. No, not that time!

It’s time for our monthly Fitness Blogger’s Round Up!

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