10 of My Favorite Self-Care Activities that Give Me Happiness

Good Morning and Happy Self-Care Sunday! It’s a bit rainy my way today but I’m still up and moving. Sundays are my day to get myself refocused and organized for the upcoming week. I refuse to give that gift to myself up!

I was pushed to get up a bit earlier than maybe other Sundays to get my kiddo off to work this morning but it’s proving itself to be beneficial. I’ve already crossed a few things off my to-do list for the day!

This week for our series, Nikki will be sharing with us her favorite self-care practices with us. This is such an awesome list and I’m really excited to share it with all of you! These self care techniques are great for an overall feeling of happiness and contentment.

So without further ado, let’s see what Nikki has to chat with us about with us this week!

This list is not in any particular order, simply a collection of techniques I work into my week to keep my mind and body balanced.

Take some time to reflect.

Topics such as this are honestly a bit of a guilty pleasure for me. Not only does it give me a chance to share with you what I do but it also allows me the opportunity to think a bit more in depth about why and how these activities work for me. Reflection can really be an enlightening experience, so with that lets begin.

Go for a walk.

Walking has always been a relaxing way to squeeze in some me time. And since I don’t have my own vehicle, it’s a physical activity that I do daily. Aside from my day to day foot travel (going to the store, work, etc.) I have also found it to be very beneficial whenever I find myself in a negative mindset. I am unsure if it is being outdoors, the extra vitamin D, or the endorphins that it provides, but it always seems to shake away bad feelings for me.

Express yourself creatively.

I am also a very creative person. Not only do I enjoy writing but also painting, and other forms of art. I consider these both of these to be a big part if my self-care plan. It allows a bit of an escape for me from the everyday noise and chatter. Recently I  have taken to participating in a 30 days of journaling prompt challenge. This has been very helpful in the way of preparing my mind to begin working with a creative edge.

Cook up something with your loved ones.

Cooking and creating healthy meals and snacks with my hubby is a self care activity I always look forward to! Between making something yummy and getting some quality time with him is the best. We really get to enjoy each other’s company through this. Well is there really anything better?

Practice essential oils therapy.

Essential oil therapy is used quite often throughout my days. Lately, I have even begun to prefer them over perfume. I have several pre-blended bottles that I purchased. I use a few (no more than 3) drops of lavender on my neck before bed and I always fall right asleep! Also included in my collection is a blend of atlas, cedarwood, grapefruit, lemon and ylang ylang. This helps invoke clarity and focus and I use this every time I write. So much so when I smell it, my brain immediately knows it’s time to get to business! Much like others use coffee.

Create your cozy space.

Home decorating is a something I have recently begun to really enjoy. I have been working towards a more bohemian like feel for my home. It has truly begun to feel like a place of comfort and tranquility. I use candles and fairy lights for soft lighting, hang my art and several tapestries for color, and dried herbs and flowers from a ceiling beam for a touch of nostalgia. I really, adore my home. It’s my happy place.


Meditation is something I am working on practicing more regularly. I have only done it a handful of times. But those few times really made a difference in my day and how I handled stress that had been thrown in my direction.

Get outside.

Spending time outdoors is really important to my well being. Even just sitting outside on my deck in the morning enjoying my coffee can make such a difference in how my morning progresses. I aim for at least a half hour outside everyday, just so I can get some fresh air and sunshine. An easy way for others to accomplish this task could be: eating lunch outside, even if you have to sit in your car with the windows down! Or, if your in school, sit at a park or the grass in front of your building and get some studying in. There are more than enough ideas to go around, and sometimes the simpler the better!

Consider therapy or counseling.

Going to counseling and therapy is a big part of my self-care plan. Aside from my addiction recovery, I also have a number of other mental illnesses I am tackling. Sometimes it is just nice to talk to someone that is not necessarily involved in your struggle. Getting an outside view can shed light on your situation you may not have picked up on.

Make time for your family.

My final favorite self care activity is spending time with my kids. I love doing fun self care with them, teaching them these methods, while practicing them myself. Their energy and excitement renews things I may have grown tired of. They both love cooking with me, going for walks, or to the park. We paint and build faerie gardens, go to the farmers market and have late brunch. They are my favorite humans. The very best of me.

I hope this list inspires you to take a look at your own self-care plan. See if there are ways to tweak it, or re-adjust to add a new level of happiness and contentment in your life. Remember, we only get one so let’s make it peaceful and happy.

Much Love ❤

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