4 Things I’m Doing Now for Better Balance & Happiness in My Life

Okay, so I know I dropped the ball a bit over the past few weeks with my posts for our Self-Care Sunday Series. Because I’ve been taking care of myself. It is important to understand that it is okay to do this sometimes. I found myself down and out with a virus a few weeks ago and I just didn’t have the energy to keep up with my usual day to day things. This left me behind. And also lead to a bit of a feeling of overwhelm. So I took it day by day and got done what I could get myself to focus on. I also have been taking some time to have some fun and enjoy life. This is what we should be doing – enjoying and loving our lives!

Put yourself first.

When you put yourself and your well-being above and beyond all else, you will see a difference in your life. Not only will you be feeling better but all that goodness is going to reflect on your family, your friends, your loved ones. I was choosing where I felt the energy I had each day needed to go.

Set priorities.

This afternoon I sat down with my boyfriend (oh right – that happened too! I’ll share more about that later!) and we went through that super huge list of goals, dreams, and projects I have. With his guidance I set some priorities. This is going to help qualm some of that overwhelm. I have way too much on my list to focus on all at once. Like crazy person too much. Now this doesn’t mean I won’t get to all of those goals but it does mean I set more realistic goals for myself for right now. This is going to help me be more successful. So with all that, I have a 2019 2nd Half Goals Plan. It’s still a decent amount of stuff (I’m a go for it all kind of girl) but more manageable than before!

My Focuses for the Remaining Year

  1. Do Five Things A Day – Maintain and continue to grow
  2. BlogFiveBiz.com – Build up my blog and launch my membership group (more to come on this in the next couple of months!)
  3. Five Inspired Shop – Focus on getting more specific with the direction of this and build up business.
  4. Young Living Essential Oils – Build up my business and team.
  5. Trades of Hope – Grow my business and build a team.
  6. Life Coaching – Plan is to finish set up of this and launch in October.
  7. 2020 Planner – This has been in the works for awhile but I keep pushing it off. Goal is to push sales live in 4th Quarter.

Get help.

I have so many ideas and so much passion for so many things it can be tough for me to stay disciplined and reel it all in to a manageable plan so I’m outsourcing to my boyfriend to help manage me. It can be helpful to have someone that understands you help you keep yourself in check and stay realistic.

Another tip is to outsource what you can. It can be automated services like CoSchedule or Tailwind for scheduling posts and such, utilizing PLR content to help keep your writing and research time down, or even hiring a Virtual Assistant. These little things will add up to help you free up your time.

Surround yourself with people that are good to you and for you.

Okay, so on to this boyfriend stuff. I don’t usually write about this do I, usually it’s about being single and loving yourself, right? Well folks, I got myself a person! And he’s a good match. Historically I haven’t been very lucky in love. And I’ll tell ya why I think that was so. I wasn’t loving myself enough so how could I set the standards to be loved properly. So I really believe that practicing self-love and self-care has led me to a great place – in life, in work, and in love! (Okay so a bit sappy here). The best thing about my boyfriend is that we were friends for so long – like BFFs for 4 years but known each other for 10 (let’s say we had a little hiatus in our friendship while I was off making mistakes and finding myself). We’ve both grown a lot and we are now together and enjoying life as we work towards goals and dreams!

In the past year, I’ve become very aware of who I’m surrounding myself with. It doesn’t mean that all people that I don’t see or talk to are bad people but it does mean that I think of what is best for me and what I need too. I give my energy and attention to those who deserve it now. I am also learning to be vulnerable with these folks.

Story and point of all this mushy stuff – only allow people in your life and environment that are healthy for you. Loves, friends, and even families. Control the exposure you have. Your happiness matters!

Self-care practice is called practice for a reason – because it takes practice! It takes some work. There are learning curves of course. But I will preach and preach till I’m blue – self-care first! I’m telling ya all this from experience!

Don’t forget to stop by and say hi to Nikki and give her some love!!! We’ve both been super busy bees and juggling so much!

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